Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Know March Madness is Fast Approaching. . .

. . . when the two year old begins chanting,  "It was a dipsy-do, dunkeroo, slam-jam, baby!"

Go 'Heels!
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Katie said...

Right state, wrong university!

Go Duke!

Walter said...

Go Gonzaga, go go Gonzaga, G.O. GONZAGA!

Anonymous said...

TO bad for you guys. THE HEELS ARE #1. FACE IT!


Mau said...

Katie: Them's fighting words 'round here!

Walter: I love ya, bro, but face it Gonzaga won't "bring it" to use one of your favorite phrases.

JP: Please, son, learn to use to, too, and two properly. You're making your homeschooling Ma look bad! Also, the 'heels are technically #2, but I won't quibble.