Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekly High Five

We moms are tooting our own horns over at Faith and Family Live.  Come check it out!

1) The Great Bedroom Swap of 2009 is nearly complete.  The two youngest girls' room is completely organized, decorated and CLEAN!  The two oldest girls are just waiting on mattresses before moving into their re-decorated room.

2) I watched half an hour of Spongebob with the kids yesterday.  You may think this is really not a success, but I watched a TV show WITH the kids rather than trying to get a million other things done that needed to be done.  Whatever you may think of Spongebob, we laughed our heads off, together.

3) I ran my eldest son up to the the piano teacher's house for one more rehearsal with his duet partner before the big competition this weekend.  It was a long and very busy day yesterday and I certainly did not want to get into the van again, but I did it and I'm glad for it.
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