Friday, March 20, 2009

Lenten Soup Supper Week 4

Last week we had Pasta and Lentil Soup from Twelve Months of Monastery Soups. It was absolutely delicious an a huge hit with the family. It was extremely simple, quick, and very filling. Did you know a legume and grain served together make a complete protein? No near fainting spells at Stations last week. That is always a plus!

Today we are having Black Bean Soup from the same recipe book. This recipe has rice in it, so it will also contain a complete protein. I think I'll try one of the cornbread recipes from The Secrets of Jesuit Breadmaking to pair with this soup.  I'll post again next week and let you know how the meal turns out.  Pax Christi!
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Sarah (JOT) said...

Can you send that recipe to oldhamdj(at)comcast(dot)net? IF you email me, I'll give you my phone number or you can ask it from JoMary . . .whatever is best for you. We should all go out for coffee . . . lunch etc. I read your comment to an older post this AM - not realizing you asked for me email. The email on my blog you can use, too, as it will take over when we move. Comcast- good bye.