Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inland Empire Beauty

Why didn't I appreciate the beauty of my hometown when I was growing up? I am enjoying showing my kids the natural wonders and cultivated artistry that I took for granted when I was a child.
This was our old stomping grounds when I was a child, The Japanese Gardens. My one enduring memory of the place was the time my brother "fell" into the waterfall there. Things have sure changed. That section is now blocked off, I'm sure to keep other clowns from "falling"in.

It truly is so cool, shady, and peaceful here. I don't remember that as a child.

Karate Kid took this lovely picture at the Rose Gardens. I remember our Grandmother walking us through the acres of roses when we were children.

The timing of our visit was perfect. The roses are in full bloom. They are absolutely breathtaking. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to enjoy this splendor now.
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I found this cute widget site on another blog, while blog-surfing(is that even a term?).
Here's our family in silhouette. . .
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hoop Fest 2009

Spokane may be a small city, but there really is so much to do here and much of it can be done for little or no cost other than gasoline. Over the last few days we've taken the kids hiking on the Centennial Trail along the scenic Spokane River and also headed to the unique downtown area for the yearly 3 on 3 basketball tournament known as Hoop Fest (or "poop" fest, according to Lil' Wingnut).

This year the tournament drew 6000 teams and there were basketball courts set up on the streets for as far as the eye could see. It really was quite amazing to see masses of people so well organized, enjoying the beautiful Spokane weather and a little basketball. There were teams of all shapes and sizes, from cute little girls to grown men dressed as elves. Kareem Abdul Jabar and AC Green even had a team at the Fest.

My siblings, their spouses, and I managed to keep track of all 11 kids among the masses without losing a single one. That was a feat in itself!

The whole crew sitting on the sidelines cheering on a family friend and his team to victory.

Elves playing a little 3 on 3. Santa must have given them the weekend off.

There were at least a dozen streets and bridges set up just like this with courts as far as the eye could see.

Navigating this motley crew through the masses of people was no easy task, but we all had so much fun spending time as a family.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Strawberry Fields

Eastern Washington is known for it's great farmland, especially orchards. Here in Spokane it is a summer ritual to head out to the local u-pick farms to pick strawberries, cherries, apples, peaches and pears as each comes into season.

We all headed out to Greenbluff on Thursday and had a ball picking strawberries. Baby Wingnut was just like Blueberry Sal, eating more than he threw into the bucket. It was funny to watch him tromp around like some kind of careless giant, squashing berries on his merry way. He ate berries, stomped on berries, threw berries, and sat on berries. We got him in and out of there fast before he did too much damage :-)

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lil' Wingnut

Baby Wingnut at 6 weeks

Baby Wingnut at 11 months

Baby Wingnut at 18 months

Baby Wingnut at 2 years old

Today you are finally three and I suppose calling you "Baby" is no longer appropriate (mother wipes a tear from her eye). Here's to hoping the threes will be just as much fun as the twos were! Happy 3rd birthday! We love you little guy! Print Friendly and PDF

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jet Lag

You wouldn't think a measly three hour time difference would make much of an impact on sleep schedules, but it really does! Baby Wingnut's messed up rhythm means I have a couple hours to post here while the rest of the kids continue to sleep.

We made it, without incident, to Washington State late Tuesday night. The kids did great on the long, long, long flight and the folks at Southwest were really terrific. Baby Wingnut was incredibly excited to finally get to fly on an airplane. An hour into our second leg, Baby Wingnut told me he was finished flying, and ready to go home. Nervous laughter. Thank goodness he hung in there and stuck out the rest of the flight.

Wingnut had coached Baby Wingnut how to tell the pilots of the plane that he was qualified to fly said plane (something about a 737 type rating and 20,000 hours or some such information). Baby Wingnut was convinced he was going to get to fly the plane. I had to burst his little bubble and tell him he was not quite old enough to be a pilot. Nervous laughter. He took that news pretty well and is now waiting with baited breath until he is 5 and can finally be a pilot.

On our second leg the flight attendants gave him a little pair of pilot's wings. He was so proud and had to tell the pilot on the last leg that he was old enough to "drive" the plane. Nervous laughter. Thankfully he really is quite reasonable and we were able to easily convince him that the pilots really wanted to "drive" their own plane.

Baby Wingnut fell asleep on take off from Vegas and slept the entire final leg. He did wake up just in time to meet the welcome wagon, especially his Uncle Walter, who often posts hilarious comments on my blog. This was the first meeting for Uncle Walter and Baby Wingnut, but Baby Wingnut went right to his Uncle and proceeded to talk his ear off about his trip and Sponge Bob and football and other completely random and unrelated topics. Uncle Walter ate it up.

Uncle Walter with BW.

Normally I would have cropped out the extraneous material in this photo, but I am without my Mac on this trip and I am just learning how to use my sister's Dell. I'll tell ya, PCs are not as user friendly as Macs! I did manage to copy this photo from my Dad's Facebook page, so the learning process is going pretty well. Oh, and there isn't an automatic spell checker on this thing, so I'm going to have to really concentrate on spelling correctly. Nervous laughter. Just bear with me as I learn to use this thing!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. Thanks mom and dad for choosing life for me!
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Vacation

We are heading to Washington State for the next two weeks to visit family and friends. I have a few auto-posts lined up and hopefully I'll be able to blog a bit while on our vacation--especially if we have any adventures or photos worth blogging about. Blessings!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake?

Pardon me as I complain for one sentence here. For a family that loves good food and loves to cook good food, having family members with food allergies and sensitivities really stinks.

We celebrated Stat Boy's 14th birthday, and as we will be on vacation during Baby Wingnut's 3rd birthday, we threw in a little celebration for him as well. Of course we had to have cake. But how does one go about making cake in a family with one child that is lactose intolerant and another child that cannot have anything artificial?

I made our favorite chocolate cake from scratch, using rice milk instead of cow's milk. I went ahead and used butter as I had read on a medical website that butter has only a trace amount of lactose. Time will tell if Baby Wingnut will be able to tolerate the butter. I made a 1 1/2 recipe so that I could separate a little batter out for an individual cake for Baby Wingnut. Cakes were baked and cooled.

Now what to do for the frosting? I found a store bought brand of vanilla icing that was free of milk products for Baby Wingnut. To make his little cake "special" I let him put a few little sprinkles on his cake. Stat Boy asked for an "Oreo Cake". The Oreo Cake consists of a two layer chocolate cake with marshmellow cream between the layers. It is then frosted with a fantastic frosting made from bittersweet chocolate, heavy whipping cream, corn syrup and vanilla. Once frosted, the cake is then covered with crushed Oreos. The marshmellow cream and Oreos became an issue for Special K. They both contain artificial ingredients that she is sensitive to. Obviously she could not have any of Baby Wingnut's cake, the frosting was completely artificial and then there were the sprinkles. The remedy became, make a homemade vanilla butter frosting for the middle of the cake and instead of crushing the Oreos, we halved them and put them around the bottom of the cake as decoration. Special K could easily remove the offending Oreos from her slice of cake.

If you're going to serve cake, they will inevitably want some ice cream to go along with it. Once again, dietary challenges are presented. Thankfully the ice cream question is simpler to answer. Baby Wingnut can have a fruit sorbet. Special K can have any of the Breyer's Natural ice creams that do not contain chocolate or caramel ingredients. The rest of the family is free to choose what ever ice cream they wish.

Oh, do I hope these minor complications are short lived!

A family favorite: Oreo Cake

Oreo Cake with the revisions needed for our little lactose intolerant child.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

He Survived 13

Stat Boy turns 14 today and in his honor I'm listing the 14 things I love most about him.

1) He has the same wicked sense of humor as his dad.

2) He can converse with most anyone, with apparent ease.

3) When he puts his mind to it, he is quite capable of doing his chores correctly.

4) He readily admits when he is in the wrong and truly works on improving his shortcomings.

5) He is very safety conscious and I can trust him to care for his younger siblings.

6) He can calculate sums, products, differences, fractions, etc. faster than I can put them in a calculator. This comes in handy, really, it does.

7) He is pretty easy going and can go with the flow.

8) He is pretty stubborn and likes to stick to the schedule.

9) He is a very loyal and trustworthy friend.

10) He loves his Faith and serves at the Altar with reverence and great care.

11) He'll still give me a kiss goodnight.

12) He never leaves me guessing as to what may be bothering him. He either wears it on his sleeve, or blurts it right out.

13) Neighborhood kids of all ages flock to our house to "play" with Stat Boy.

14) He becomes more enjoyable with each year he adds to his wonderful life.

We love you Stat Boy and hope you have a wonderful and Blessed birthday!

Disclaimer: Stat Boy chose his own photos for this post.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lurking in the Refrigerator. . .

. . . was my $170 chef's knife. Stat Boy stashed it there so that he might conveniently hack away at the watermelon at his leisure. Nice.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly High Five

1) If you fly with the Flylady, we were in the bathroom this week. Wingnut pitched in and cleaned the toilet, the mirrors, and the sinks. He did an awesome job! I took the opportunity to wash all the bathroom rugs and vacuum up all the dust bunnies lurking in the corners. The bathroom is squeaky clean!

2) I spent one afternoon creating a high school transcript for Karate Kid. She has two years under her belt and I'm glad I tackled the task now, rather than later. It took several hours to type all the information in, figure grades, and calculate a GPA for her. We are off to a good start. Best of all, I can save this transcript as a template for the rest of our children.

3) Wingnut was sick for our 18th wedding anniversary, but we were finally able to head out for a romantic date by the weekend. We went to our favorite Spanish restaurant in Annapolis and throughly enjoyed some great food and each other's company. There is much to be said about having a completely uninterrupted conversation with your husband!

Come share your successes, big and small, at Faith and Family Live!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What About Bob?

The weekend our neighborhood pool opened, we suited up the kids, slathered them with sunscreen, packed up the van, and drove ten minutes from the house for a dip in the pool. Upon arriving I immediately noticed the foreboding absence of children in the baby pool. At the gate, the guards had put up a sign indicating the baby pool was closed for the next four hours due to an unfortunate vomiting episode. As Baby Wingnut was not yet fully or even partially potty trained at the time, he would not be allowed in the family pool, leaving us with only one option: pack it up and head home. The children were all wonderful about having to leave, even Baby Wingnut cheerfully complied (they really are great kids). We made it up to them by taking the whole crew to Rita's for Italian Ices.

On the drive, Baby Wingnut began questioning what had happened at the pool. It was very important to him to know who had thrown up in the pool and he would not let the subject drop until I had finally given the kid a name. Trust me, Baby Wingnut was completely satisfied "Baby Bob" was the name of the sick child and he pretty much let the subject drop once he had a name.

This afternoon while we were driving from one activity to the next the subject of "Baby Bob" came up again. Only this time Baby Wingnut filled in all the details. Poor "Baby Bob" is three years old and apparently very cute. He is also Baby Wingnut's best friend AND big brother. We were practically rolling on the floor laughing at his fabrication. This kid has quite an imagination.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Love this Band

It could be the dormant, sentimental, protestant side of me, but the music of Christian alt/rock group, Downhere, inevitably brings me to tears. My blogging/homeschool buddy, Amy, at Together for a Reason, posted her current favorite Downhere song on her blog over the weekend. I have so many favorites from this group. Their lyrics are inspiring, and their vocals are soaring. I have several of their songs on my ipod: "How Many Kings", "Great are You", "Little is Much", "Here I Am", but my current favorite is "Not About Wings" from Thunder after Lightening.

The lyrics to this song go so very well with the reflection I posted Sunday on the gift of Faith:

Wake dove, stretch your feathers,
Worry not love, how far you could fall.
Fly now, darling find how;
A broken wing can feel the best to soar on.

It's not the perch you've climbed to reach,
But the broken wing that's made you meek;
that's when He lifts you high.

Believing is not about seeing,
Faith is not about reaching,
and on this journey I keep learning,
Flying is not about wings.

Sparrow trapped by a window,
every resource spent for just one goal.

It's not by work you find your escape,6
but in your defeat when you seek his face;
that's when He lifts you high.

Believing is not about seeing,
Faith is not about reaching,
and on this journey I keep learning,
Flying is not about wings.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

For My Dear Ol' Dad

Happy birthday Dad!

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I love, appreciate, and admire you. Because of you, I know what it means to be a family. From you I learned about God's abundant love and was given the gift of Faith. You taught me how to sacrifice and serve out of love. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have the love for tradition. You showed me how to love, how to pray, how to work, and how to enjoy life. I am so grateful and glad you were born into this world! I could not have asked for a better dad. May God continue to Bless you always. I love you Dad!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Will Take the Cup of Salvation

Just a very quick reflection on the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ:

One of the most memorable evenings on my conversion journey was the night our RCIA class was walked step by step through the celebration of the Mass. Father Fuller was a wonderful teacher and did a thorough and faithful job in explaining every aspect of the Mass. At one point it was revealed to me for the first time that as Catholics we believe the bread and wine become the actual body and blood of Christ. I had never heard this teaching before and so I put up my hand to ask a question.

"To be Catholic, do we have to believe this teaching?" I asked.

Father Fuller looked me in the eye and said, "Yes, you do. It is a cornerstone belief of our Faith."

At that moment, and without hesitation, I believed. I know this was a tremendous gift, a special grace that was granted to me at that moment. From that night on I haven't looked back. I am so very grateful!
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bacon Makes it Good

Lately I've been posting my own recipes and I still have a few up my sleeve, but today I have one that comes from our favorite Iron Chef, Bobby Flay. I've made it twice now and the family L.O.V.E.S it! As put in the immortal words of Special K, "Oh, boy! Meat wrapped in more meat!"

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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Beauty in Truth

I'm going a bit off target of my G rating today, but what I've written reflects Church teaching on morality without specific graphic detail. If you are a younger reader, please have your parents read and approve the following post before continuing to read for yourself.

Wingnut and I were certified Natural Family Planning teachers for several years and I've been pondering on the beauty and consistency of Church teaching regarding sexual morality over several years. The following is my personal reflection on those teachings that is a work in progress, but I felt worth sharing.

Among the many teachings on marriage, the Catechism of the Catholic Church has the following to say about the nature of married love:

2363 The spouses' union achieves the twofold end of marriage: the good of the spouses themselves and the transmission of life. These two meanings or values of marriage cannot be separated without altering the couple's spiritual life and compromising the goods of marriage and the future of the family.
The conjugal love of man and woman thus stands under the twofold obligation of fidelity and fecundity.

2364 The married couple forms "the intimate partnership of life and love established by the Creator and governed by his laws; it is rooted in the conjugal covenant, that is, in their irrevocable personal consent." Both give themselves definitively and totally to one another. They are no longer two; from now on they form one flesh. The covenant they freely contracted imposes on the spouses the obligation to preserve it as unique and indissoluble. "What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder."

In other words, the purpose of marital love has two aspects: the loving, unitive bond between husband and wife and the possibility of participating in the creation of new life. If those two aspects of conjugal love are separated then the marriage is compromised--missing something important or integral, so to speak. Secondly, marriage itself creates a bond between husband and wife that is established by God and cannot be broken.

As an NFP teacher I love this teaching. It makes so much sense and it is incredibly consistent and true. It is this Truth that makes self-gratification sinful and so damaging to souls, because it removes the loving union between spouses. It is this Truth that makes out of wedlock relations sinful and so damaging to souls, because relations outside of marriage lack that unitive bond Blessed by God. It is this Truth that makes homosexual unions sinful and so damaging to souls, because those types of unions, by their very nature, cannot contribute to the creation of new life and lack also the Blessed recognition by God. It is this Truth that makes infidelity sinful and so damaging to souls, because once again the relationship occurs outside of marriage and destroys the unitive bond between husband and wife. It is this Truth that makes contraception sinful and damaging to souls, because by definition contraception prevents the ability to transmit new life. Finally, it is this Truth that makes artificial insemination and fertilization sinful and damaging to souls, because these fertility techniques remove the unitive aspect of the marriage act. It is the same teaching, the same Truth that applies to each of these situations. For some reason I find that very reassuring.

Often when seen as separate teachings, Truths can be hard to understand and agree with, but when viewed springing from one single Truth, hard teachings do come to make sense through their applied consistency.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sometimes a Little is All You Get

It's been a rough week. After our weekend of partying, Wingnut was down for the count with a flu like bug and the children have followed suit, one by one. This is one of those weeks where I need to be happy with just getting a little done around here.

1) We're still working on potty training Baby Wingnut. We've had good days and bad days, but he is getting the hang of it. Our one big problem is that he is very busy and doesn't like having to stop and use the bathroom.

2) I have caught up on our laundry. Needing to stay home because everyone is sick did leave me time to keep the washer and dryer going.

3) For the summer we switch gears a bit and instead of having the same chore all week the children draw popsicle sticks with the name of a chore written on them for their chore of the day. I have four rotating chores (unloading the dishwasher, dust mopping, vacuuming, and bathroom up-keep) and then we have one popsicle stick with "Free Day" written on it. Obviously, the lucky winner of that stick doesn't have to do a chore that day. I've paired up with Special K, helping her with her chore and teaching her how to do it properly. She's actually a great little helper and I'm enjoying helping her learn how to do the chores around the house.

Do you have any small successes to share? Leave your list at Faith and Family Live.
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


We're all a little under the weather around here, so today's post will be short and sweet.

Baby Wingnut: "Mom, may I have more blueberries, please."

Mom washes a handful of fresh blueberries and places them on Baby Wingnut's plate.

Baby Wingnut: "Why, thank you, my pretty."

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

18 Years and Counting

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. We've really had a wonderful and blessed marriage, especially the last 16 years. Those first two years were a doozy, between the stresses of being newlyweds, Wingnut being in pilot training, and the arrival of our first born . . . I'm sure you know what I mean. I can honestly say the 10 happiest moments in my life have somehow involved Wingnut. Can you discover the secret to our happy life?

1) The day we met
2) The day we were married
3) The 10 days we spent in Hawaii on our honeymoon
4) Discovering the impending arrival of our first child
5) The arrival of our first child
6) The arrival of our second child
7) The arrival of our third child
8) The arrival of our fourth child
9) The arrival of our fifth child
10) The arrival of our sixth child

Wingnut is a wonderful husband; loving, attentive, supportive, and possessing a wicked sense of humor. He has had me laughing from day one and for me it is his most endearing quality. So here's to our first 18 years, may God continue to Bless our union and our family for many more years to come.
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Monday, June 8, 2009

From Feast to Feast, Until We Come the The Great Feast

Whew, what a weekend, again! Catholics really know how to party, don't we?

Saturday afternoon and evening we spent with the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara. The Sisters currently have a formation house in a historic farm house among several other properties and are often given use of the farms, fields, and now a pavilion for some of their events. The Nuns organized carnival type games, awarded prizes of candy, rosaries and holy cards, and performed skits for the afternoon entertainment. As evening approached we were all invited down to the pavilion for Evening Prayer and then Mass was celebrated by one of their brother priests from the Institute of the Incarnate Word. After Mass everyone headed back up to house for a barbeque supper followed by more entertainment from the Sisters. Surrounded by tiki torches the Sisters broke into folk songs inspiring a our little social group to affectionately refer to the Sister Servants' "Family Fun Day" as "Nun-stock".

Sunday afternoon we were off to party again. This time it was our annual parish picnic in honor of the Sacred Heart. Following Mass the Holy Eucharist is carried in procession, followed by Benediction. After the final blessing the festivities began. Our parish really knows how to put out a spread and there is never a shortage of food, fun, or fellowship. The Sister Servants made it to the parish picnic as well and the superior of the local formation house, Mother Sacred Heart, made a quick visit to our table. Of course, we had to tease her a bit about the constant party the Sisters seem to be party too :-). Mother has a wonderful sense of humor and jokingly referred to the Order as the "Sisters of Perpetual Picnicking". Mother did share with us that the founder of their Order once had encouraged the Sisters to go from feast to feast until coming to the Great Feast. I think that is a beautiful teaching.

Mother Sacred Heart explains the day's festivities.

Here is my favorite Sister, Sister Aparthanos. She's smiling again.

Eucharistic Procession in honor of the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Bubbles and fly swatters. For some reasons toddlers swarm to this station at the picnic.

Special K thought I'd be shocked by her hair color. The kids all look forward to getting their hair sprayed. Thankfully it is temporary. I don't think bright green is K's color.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Catfish Nuggets

These are so not good for you, but they are absolutely delicious! The recipe I'm posting will feed four. You'll need to double it if you have a family anywhere close to the size of ours and possibly triple or quadruple it if you have a family the size of Sardonic Catholic Dad and his lovely bride, Sam (Thy Will Be Done).

Dijon Fried Catfish

1 pound catfish fillets cut into even, good sized chunks
1 cup dijon mustard
1 cup corn meal
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
2 tsp chili powder
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

2 quarts Peanut oil for frying.

Heat oil in a heavy pot or dutch oven until oil is 350 degrees. Alternately heat oil in a deep fat fryer according to manufacturers instructions.

In a pie plate or shallow dish stir together corn meal and spices. Set aside.

Pat catfish nuggets dry with paper towels. Pour mustard into a large ziplock bag and add the catfish. Zip close and massage bag until fish is liberally coated with mustard.

Using tongs lift single pieces of mustard coated fish from baggie and dredge in corn meal mixture. Drop coated pieces into heated oil making sure not to add too many pieces of fish at a time as this will cause the temp of the oil to drop too drastically and will result in a greasy mess. Fry for approximately 3-5 minutes, or until nutty brown. You can test for doneness by pulling a piece of cooked fish apart to check that fish is cooked completely through. Drain on a wire rack over paper towels or on a paper towel lined cookie sheet. Repeat with remaining fish.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain Babies

I once lamented on Facebook that my children had been cooped up for several days due to rain. I was immediately chastised for not having rain gear for the kids. Honestly, it had never occurred to me, but that problem was easily remedied.

Once again it is raining and has been for a couple days. Today, we got out our galoshes and umbrellas and enjoyed the rain.

Yes, I know they are on the wrong feet. That's what I love about this picture.

Yes, that is a "My Little Pony" umbrella. Lay off, will ya. He has four sisters. I'm not buying a special umbrella just because he's a boy.

He had a blast. I could hardly get him to stay still for any photos.

Ah, the revelry! Makes you want to join right in.
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Goose Egg

After my "Boys of Summer" played a little wiffle ball, they switched to a rambunctious game of football. It didn't end too well. Baby Wingnut tripped on the football and rammed his head into Wingnut's shin. Three days later his forehead is still swollen, tender, and turning beautiful shades of purple. Print Friendly and PDF

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogosphere Buddies

Wow, I've been blogging for a whole year now and I still have things to write about. Amazing! I'd have to say, the best and most unexpected aspect about blogging are the new friends I have made. Weird, huh? I'm really enjoying these new friendships and I've even gotten together with some my blogging buddies in real life.

I had the distinct pleasure of having Sarah from Ora et Labora-Journey of Truth over for coffee today, along with her very patient husband and charming children. Sarah is a fellow coffee-ophile and we have needed to share a cuppa joe for a long while. Sadly, Sarah and family will be leaving for Hawaii next week and this was our only chance to catch a cup together, for now. We had a nice visit and I have to thank her husband for driving her over. You're one of the good guys, Chief! Thanks and God Bless you all during your Hawaiian "holiday"!

Sarah and I posing for a quick photo before their departure.

I had to get this pic of Chief as he peered in the window, waiting to see if us gals were finished gabbing yet. There is only so much "female talk" a man can take, even a guy as patient as Sarah's hubby :-)
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Small Stuff

After our crazy weekend, I feel like I did not get much accomplished this week. I am still able to come up with three small successes I can toot my horn about. Head on over to Faith and Family Live and add your list.

1) My driver's license is set to expire during our trip back home this summer, so I decided I would go ahead and renew it a little early. I think a root canal would be more enjoyable than a trip to the Motor Vehicle Administration. Painful as it was, I have a new license in hand.

2) Baby Wingnut will be three this month. Now that our schedule has really calmed down and we can afford to stay home for several days, we have begun the potty training process. Thankfully, the little guy is pretty bright and seems to be catching on rather quickly. It helps that big sister made a huge pitcher of iced tea and he is drinking gallons of that resulting in pretty frequent trips to the potty.

3) We finally finished weeding the rest of the garden beds and we put in some annuals to begin with. I am partial to perennials, so the plan is to put in more perennials and bulbs this fall.
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't Reach for the Bar of Soap, Just Yet. . .

. . . Baby Wingnut just needs a little speech therapy. He really has difficulty with sound blends like "sp", "tr", and "st". It makes for a bit of fun around here, when puffed up with male bravado we get him to chant "I am Fartacus!" You see, he substitutes the "f" sound for each of those blends. "Spartacus" becomes "Fartacus", "ice cream with sprinkles" becomes "ice cream with frinkles", and "truck" becomes, well, just down right embarrassing! Print Friendly and PDF

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Boys of Summer

Is there anything cuter than a toddler playing a little wiffle ball with his dad?

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Just a Few Photos from the Weekend

Phew, we had a busy weekend. Boy am I glad it is Monday!

Karate Kid and Stat Boy both had Karate belt testing on Saturday. I missed Stat Boy's testing for his senior orange belt , but I was able to see the last 1/2 hour of Karate Kid's test for blue belt. Karate Kid has just passed the half way mark toward earning her black belt.

Wingnut had to head out to work for the day following Stat Boy's belt test. The rest of the family headed out to our Home School Talent Show, an event I helped plan and run. The program was a smashing success and the children seemed to have a marvelous time. We had 42 separate acts and the show took just under 2 hours. I'm sure it was painful for the audience at times, but this is such a great opportunity for our home schoolers. They gain confidence and experience in standing up in front of an audience. These are life lessons.

I had hoped to have more photos from the talent show, but did you know it is nearly impossible to manage 42 performances, chase around a two year old, and film and photograph the whole shebang. In the end, photos got the short end of the stick. Hopefully we'll have some video to post later this week.

Sunday the children had their annual Spring Piano Recital. Another two hours of watching and listening to children perform their talent. I didn't get any photos of that event, but I did video tape our children's performances and hopefully Karate Kid will upload, edit and compress some video before the end of the week. Karate Kid played a beautiful duet with another High School piano student that was really impressive.

Karate Kid receives her blue belt.

Karate Kid took a traditional Japanese folk tune and wrote an arrangement for two hands on the piano and two flutes. Karate Kid and Skoshi A were on the piano and Oleander and our little home school friend were on the flutes.

Oleander played her piece from this years Flute
Fair Master's Class.
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