Monday, March 30, 2009

Bits 'n Pieces

Saturday night from 8:30 to 9:30 pm was Earth Hour organized by the World Wildlife Fund. In honor of Earth Hour our family joined the folks over at Creative Minority Report and turned on every stinking light in our house (not much of a stretch, as our kids leave every light on in the house 24/7 as it is). The kids thought it was hysterical. Stat Boy even proudly stated he'd turned his bedroom fan on too.

Now before any of you get all up in arms and start griping at me about "good stewardship" etc., stop right there. We are well aware of climate change. We home school the kids and yet they know all about the effort to go green, without our having to indoctrinate them. In fact, we have "green fatigue"! Which is what I believe the rest of the world must be suffering from. Enough already. We are aware! You'd have to be living under a rock to miss the ongoing effort to "save the environment". Our mirthful protest was an expression of our weariness of the whole commie campaign.

I'm doing great in our family NCAA basketball pool. In fact, Stat Boy has figured I've already won as I've had the most correct picks so far, and we all have the same picks left in the Final Four through the championship game. This is the most fun I've ever had filling out a bracket. Now if Carolina wins the title we will be one big, happy family.

In case you missed my younger brother eating his words in the comments section on Saturday morning, I thought I'd re-post them here for all to read. It's not often we older siblings get to bask in the glory of being right :-)

"I, Mau's Bro, have been talking smack about the sweet 16 game between North Carolina and Gonzaga. Being a Gonzaga fan, I felt it necessary to call names and belittle my sister and my nephew, Stat Nut. Based upon the outcome of the game last night, their wisdom of college basketball, especially Stat Nut (who called a 20 point throttling in favor of the Heels), is far superior to mine. Even though I remain a Gonzaga fan, I felt it necessary and appropriate to express my humbled position in the same venue I laid down my smack. Congrats to the far the superior team last night."

I could read those words all day long!

Here is one more photo of Wingnut hob-nobbing with Dr. Alan Keyes. Isn't he a handsome devil?(Wingnut that is).

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Sarah (JOT) said...

That's cool for Wingnut. Awesome.

I just got done reading the stuff on CMR and I had read about the hour of darkness previously after hearing about it on Today show. I thought (and still think) it is the dumbest thing ever . . . I promptly forgot about it. Our lights are on until we got to bed and let's just say, it isn't before 9:30pm.

Anonymous said...

To celebrate Earth Day I threw away everything and recycled nothing. I turned on all of the lights and plugged in every electronic toy, appliance, etc. possible. I went out and started all three of my vehicles and let them run for an hour in the driveway. Finally, I went out into the forrest and chopped down as many trees as possible! Actually I did none of that stuff because I have heard so much information and propaganda about Earth day it just became background noise. By the way...I am rooting for the Heels the rest of the way (only for this year's tourney).

Your Bro

Rob said...

after turning on all the lights like you did, i started all of our cars/vans/suburbans also and let them fun for the hour.

ps - if your 'Heels win the title, i win $700 bucks in my office pool :) can you say lots of new running shoes baby? :in my best dickie voice:

Katie said...

I will win Pete's college friends' tournament challenge if UNC wins. I may be a Duke fan, but I am also a realist!!

Katie said...

We had every light on in our house too!!