Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Just Trying to Age Gracefully Here

Wingnut and I decided we would head out for a quick lunch and coffee without the kids before Wingnut's quick trip to Dallas this week. While he showered in our bathroom, I used the kids' bathroom to put on finishing touches. I very rarely use their bathroom and now I have a good reason not to. The lighting in that bathroom is much harsher than the soft lighting I have in my bathroom. As I was fixing my hair, I saw them. Three wiry gray hairs on top of my head. Red heads don't go gray! I've always believed the beautiful hues of auburn and strawberry just faded over time. What is up with the gray hair?!

Baby Wingnut joined me and watched as I plucked the offenders from my head.

"What you doing, mama?" He asked.

"I'm pulling out these gray hairs. Did you give those gray hairs to me?"

"No!" He boldly proclaimed, "I giving you white hair!"

Great, not only do I not get to fade gracefully in my later years, I'm going straight from a fiery red head to a white haired old lady. Where is that bottle of "Lucille Ball Red"?
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Sarah (JOT) said...

I have so many strays now I cannot call them anything but a flock. So, hence the colouring. Time to head back very soon as they are coming back en force!

Tonya said...

I've been plucking gray hairs for a couple years now. It's about time for you! :-)

Mau said...

But I'm a REDHEAD! We are not supposed to get gray hair!!!

Anonymous said...

First of all...ditch the purple...way too obnoxious like your brother. You could solve the problem with one razor, shaving cream and a strong belief that your scalp has a nice smooth shape to it. Other than that you need to see what I see...that you, my sister, are the poster child for aging gracefully. 6 kids and a wingnut for a husband would turn most women into an old are as fun and young now as you were "back in the day" if not more. (shhhhhhh don't tell anyone I was actually nice to you!)

Your Bro!

Rob said...

Oh stop it! You have fabulous hair!

Sam said...

Welcome to having teenagers!!! Glad you and I have something else in common!!!

SISSY said...

Wow sis you need to print and frame Walt being sooo nice to you. I one hundred percent agree with him! It's just 3 little grey hairs!It could be worse!

Mau said...

Walt: The obnoxious purple stays. It's Lent for goodness sake. What are you a protestant? Anyhoo, thanks for the sweet words. You're pretty awesome too.

Sissy: No sympathy for you when you get your first gray hair! The two of us can go "Lucy" together :-)

Anonymous said...

Lent or no lent...protestant or no protestant...obnoxious purple is obnoxious purple!

Your Separated Brother