Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anti-Climatic Reveal

The girl's room has been a work in progress.  As the project has progressed, I've posted photos here.  Well, today I can say the project is complete.  Well, almost complete.  I still need to sew up a table runner for their dresser, but that would mean dragging out my cursed sewing machine and cursing as I fight with it to just sew a ding dang straight line without the bobbin freaking out and tangled thread spewing from the cursed machine.  I'll get up the courage to complete that project one of these days, but not this day.

I found this bedding at PB Teen last year.  The girls have a trundle bed to save space in their room for living.  Karate Kid's room has the same wall shelf except in honey oak.  It's a great little shelf for their  treasured knick-knacks.

The cursed dresser that needs a cursed table runner, bleh!

Curtains and bulletin board are finally hung.  The two banana leaf boxes hold the spare bedding for the trundle and serve as a sort of night stand for Skoshi A's alarm clock and the various books the girls are reading.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bible Verse Photography Challenge #2--Song of Solomon

Flowers Around the Cross is once again hosting their once a month Bible Verse Photography Challenge.  Here is this month's verse:

"My beloved speaks and says to me: 'Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away; for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.'" Song of Solomon 2:10-12

Calls to mind blooming flowers in spring.  Unfortunately, spring has not quite sprung in our part of Utah and so I went into my photo archives and found a lovely wild flower discovered on a hike up Snow Basin from last year.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

New Title: Is NFP Stressful?

In the comments section of my recent post Why I Won't Be Changing My Facebook Status to an Equal Sign, an anonymous commenter asked why I would say NFP was stressful.  Upon reviewing what I did write I couldn't find where I said NFP was stressful, nor could I see that I implied NFP was stressful.  No matter, I would like to respond anyway. (As it turns out, the anonymous commenter was actually commenting on a comment from another anonymous commenter who chooses to use birth control because NFP is too stressful--My bad.  Anyhoo, I'm keeping this post mostly intact, as it really is an honest look at the sometimes stressful world of NFP users)

I'm going to be completely honest and admit, that yes at times NFP has not been all sunshine and roses for us.  We are sinful, fallen human beings who sometimes want what we want and what we want does not always or even frequently line up with God's Will.  I'm sorry if this is a shock to real NFP lovers.

I'm by nature a worrier.  Bringing babies into the world exacerbates that.  If we are being 100% honest, pregnancy is a real stinker, and child birth is painful and terrifying.  We've lost two babies in the womb and that worries me.  So yes, I sometimes find NFP difficult in this regard.

For many years Wingnut would deploy for long periods of time, up to three months at a time (easy in comparison to many these days with Afghanistan still a hot bed of conflict).  I would be left with 2, then 3, then 4 small children, far from family and support.  The idea that he could be deployed and I left pregnant or with another little one to care for alone could be quite stressful.

So yes, my embrace of NFP hasn't been perfect.  That is not the fault of NFP.  It is my fallen nature, and yet, I continue to embrace NFP and I believe there is something to be said about perserverance. I absolutely believe NFP has made the difference in our marriage, and I will encourage my own children to make it a part of their marriages.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wrecking Ball

It was a very rough day and night yesterday. Some horrific viral stomach bug swooped through the house and took us all out within 12 hours, with the exception of Wingnut. Special K and Lil' Lamb went down in the morning, by dinner they were past the worst of it. I felt pretty miserable from lunchtime on so I skipped the black bean soup I made for dinner. That was the right move! Poor Wingnut Jr., Skoshi A, and JayP!

Wingnut Jr. ended up sleeping on the floor of our bathroom all night. You should see the pile of laundry I have just from him! His biggest problem was that this bug made him incredibly thirsty, but he couldn't even keep water down. I kept telling him to take small sips of water, but from my sick bed I could hear him gulping away. 15 minutes later that water would be back up. This cycle repeated until 3:30 am when I finally took all the water glasses out of the bathroom and gave him a wet wash cloth to suck on and told him if he went two hours without getting sick he could have an actual sip of water. He finally fell asleep and slept mostly peacefully until 9:30 this morning.

The house smells like death, and we all feel like we were taken out by a wrecking ball. I'm still in bed with aches and chills. The kids are watching one movie after another, huddle under their blankets. It was a fast moving virus, but I think we are on the back end of it, unless Wingnut comes home with it tonight. By then the rest of us should be well enough to care for him.

Wingnut commented that it is the times like this that make being a family so worthwhile. We see each other at our worst and the best comes out of us. We become more patient and calm in our effort to care for those around us. There is something profoundly loving in the act of mopping up after a helpless someone. Even Wingnut jr. demonstrated this self sacrificial love, when deep in the throes of his sickness he made the effort to bring his mommy an ice cold cup of water with a straw. I love these kids and this husband of mine.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Believe my Sense of Humor May be Lost on Some

Yesterday I wrote what was meant as a tongue in cheek post bemoaning the toddler tyrant who rules our house.  A couple of my readers, befuddled by my awful sense of humor, offered vey well-meaning advice out of genuine concern. While yes, he is quite the handful, for the most part he really does fall within the "normal" range for a two year old developmentally and emotionally.

I mentioned he doesn't play with toys.  Lil' Wingnut hasn't been a big toy kid either.  He may not enjoy building with blocks, or playing with Little People, but he does love to role play--usually he is a bear and we are the hunters.  He loves nerf guns, and weapons of every kind--thus the marauding aspect of his "play". He also loves sports and will play baseball, soccer, and football by his own set of rules.

His diet is horrible at times, but no more so than our other children who nursed long term.  We have been terrible about allowing them to have too many sweets to begin with and who in their right mind goes back to brussel sprouts when there is chocolate in the house?  As they've grown older, their diets have leveled out and become much more varied.

His sleep pattern really does leave a lot to be desired, but I will say this, he is my first child to still nap in the afternoon past the age of two.  So while he may wake too frequently and too early, I am thankful for that afternoon break.

In the 5 years I spent in college and grad school, I took two extremely useful courses that I still refer to as a mother.  The first was a developmental psychology course.  Having an idea of what constitutes normal development in our children has been incredibly helpful throughout the years.  Lil' Lamb definitely falls within the normal development categories for all his childhood milestones, thus far.  He's just been spoiled.  (The other college course I still use today was a graduate level study of children's literature--our kids have a fantastic library as a result).

Yes, our lil' guy has been a challenge, but really no more so than any of our other children.  Wingnut and I just happen to laugh a bit more at his temper tantrums, because that is what happens when you are older, fairly experienced parents.  You come to realize, each little one is a person of his own and there is very little more you can do than sit back and watch and parent each one the best you can, hopefully with a little humor thrown in.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Living Under Tyranny

Lil' Lamb is a toddler tyrant.  Wingnut and I opine frequently that it is a good thing he was not our first, otherwise there would have been none following.  We say this all in jest, but seriously, this pint-sized baby Napoleon is giving us a run for the money.  As I type even now, his high-pitched scream of displeasure pierces me through.

He's been the.worst.baby.ever about everything.  He's had a personal vendetta against sleep from the day he was born.  He is frequently up before 6:30 in the morning, and loves to share his joy at the arrival of the day with everyone, you know with high pitched screeching.  He is fiercely independent and must do everything himself.  Woe to the helpful sibling.

His diet is still horrible. He eats hardly anything that isn't completely laced with sugar, with the exception of "chicky", which is any kind of meat and "beans-beans".  Most everything else is greated with "eeeeewwwwwww! icky!" Weaning is not going well, although I have cut out the between nap and nighttime nursing.  We all desperately need the little guy to sleep when he will and so I can't see having him completely weaned for a little while yet.

He doesn't really play.  He marauds wreaking havoc and destruction as he goes.  He also needs no fewer than 3 people paying complete attention to him at all times.  We've had to password protect all the electronics, because in his mind, any small tech gadget left within his reach belongs to him--"My iPad!"  Good luck wrenching that from his sticky little paws.

Yes, he is our wonderfully strong-willed, cute little tyrant.  We wouldn't have him any other way. Print Friendly and PDF

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Easter Season

I really do love Eastertide, this is more about self-discipline. It is so much easier for me to practice self-discipline for my Faith than for myself.  I had a fairly successful Lent.  My prayer life flourished.  I had very little trouble with a little self-denial when it came to dessert.  I even came within 1 pound of my goal weight, close enough for me to decide to drop my goal weight another 5 pounds.  Not too shabby.

I was sailing right along, and then Easter hit and self-discipline went right out the window.  In just a week my weight climbed back up 5+ pounds.  Funny how it takes 6 weeks to drop the same amount it takes only a week to gain back.  Sigh.  My more rigorous prayer schedule went out the door too.  I'm so disappointed.  It is time to get back on track, pray for more grace and perseverance, and keep marching on.  Pray for me! Print Friendly and PDF

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Why so Serious?

I guess playing at the park is serious business when you are two.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teaching Catholic Boys

I've been leading a Blue Knights group at our parish for little boys between 5-8 years old.  We have 6 little guys plus Lil' Lamb and they are a real joy to work with.  Today we a changing gears a bit and instead of making a piece for their armory, we are going to learn about the priesthood and priestly vestments.

I found the instructions for these cute priest peg dolls on Catholic Icing. (She also has instructions for altar boy peg dolls and various nun peg dolls) We'll be decorating vestments in every color for each peg priest.

I've stepped up the vestiture by adding a cincture and stole in each color.

I also found coloring sheets for vestments for the ordinary and the extraordinary form along with a great little booklet on the meaning of each vestment and the prayer a priest recites as he puts on each piece from Catholic Inspired.
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Making Progress

I'm not one of those tackle a big job all at once and then make a big, dramatic reveal.  I'm one of those, we're making progress and one day it will look the way I want kind of people.  Our current project that had been in the works since moving into this house and is nearly complete is the girls' room.  We've repainted and recarpteted and are currently in the decorating stage.  Here are the finished projects from this week.

Decoupage letters in coordinating colors.

The bulletin board is hung and I found these great banana leaf storage boxes to store the extra bedding from the girls' trundle bed.

I've reorganized their closet with a closet maid system and ordered a shelving unit for their various knick-knacks.  I need to sew a table runner and then I think we will finally be finished.  I'll post photos as I finish each project.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Daddy Time

Wingnut was tasked to work over Easter weekend.  The neat part about his needing to fly the plane over Easter was that he was allowed to bring a guest along with him.  His lucky travel companion on this trip was Special K.  Boy did she ever have a great time and she relished every last moment of her special daddy time.

On the plane there is a jump seat behind and between the two pilots' seats.  This was Special K's "co-pilot" seat for the three flights over the weekend.  First stop: Sunny San Diego.

One of the perks of Wingnut's job is that they stay in the company's hotels and eat for free in their 4 star  gourmet restaurants.  In San Diego, this is the West Gate Hotel and restaurants.   This is just one of the special meals Special K had on her trip.  She raved about the Monte Cristo.  She also had leg of lamb, belgian waffles, venison, miniature dunking donuts, and blood orange sorbet over as well as other classy fare over the entire 4 day trip.

Daddy showed her the sites, including a harbor tour and Old Town San Diego.

Next stop was Sun Valley Resort in Idaho.  She went ice skating

and swimming, and saw Oz the Great and Powerful, compliments of the hotel and luxury theater at the resort.  Yeah, she had a rough weekend.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Calling Paul and Annie

Paul and Annie, you won a nice little package of my favorite things on this blog just a few weeks ago, but you have yet to claim your prize.  Please email me your mailing address to mamamayerle at mac dot com.  If I do not hear from you by this coming Friday, April 5, I will draw another name and award the prize to a new winner.  You don't want to miss out on this!  Blessings! Print Friendly and PDF