Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Basketball Rivalry

Friday night there is going to be a familial smack down. The 'Heels are meeting the 'Zags in the Sweet Sixteen. I may have grown up in Spokane, Washington, but in this house we are North Carolina Tarheel fanatics through and through. My siblings are huge Gonzaga Bulldog nuts. You may have noticed the constant smack exchange between my brother and Stat Boy in the comments section recently. Even my dear old Dad has gotten involved! Someone is going to be eating their words, and it ain't gonna be me! Print Friendly and PDF


Rob said...

i can't believe i'm actaully going to say this: "Go 'Heels"

there I said. i feel dirty. i need a shower.

see i'm doing well in my bracket pool. 1,240 is in the pot with the winner getting 60% - think og all the lovely running shoes...i mean nice stuff i could buy my wife - and i have UNC winning the whole thing. So i shall hold my nose and cheer along with you.

thankfully you don't like Puke at least

Anonymous said...

You rock.At least for a terps fan. GO HEELS!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Malitia Mau I am disappointed in you and your shameless use of my neices and nephews in perpetuating your hate message. That you would FORCE them to parade around in Tarheel gear is tantimount forced child labor. Look at those kids in that picture. Yes they are cute but what your bloggers don't see or hear is their mother screaming at them in the background telling them to act like they are happy wearing that gear or there will be only maggot infested gruel for lunch. SHAMELESS!!! As for Stat Nut...tears will fall a plenty when he sees the final score of the game Friday night. He will never want to see another statistic for the rest of his life!


Your Bro!

PS...give those poor little waifs a big hug and kiss for me!!!

Mau said...

How did you know I was coaching them to look happy? Don't they look like the "real deal" Carolina blue that they are?

It's too bad you couldn't be here to hear Baby Wingnut yelling, "Duke is poop!" and "Duke is a loser!" While I was snapping the 53 shots it took to get this picture. We haven't taught him any 'Zag smack, yet. Stat Boy has thrown that around here on my blog too liberally already :-)

P.S. They love their Tarheel gear. They will nothing else.

Anonymous said...

You Kill Me!!!! I know you were coaching them because you tortured me the same way when we were know... "clean my room for me or I will tell mom you at all of the cookies!" Baby Wingy is one smart little man...Duke and poop are synonomous! So next time he does a duty in his diaper or toilet he can say, "Look Mama I went Dukie!" As for Stat Nut...if that is all the smack he's got I am going to have to have a chat with him this summer!

Just to let you know...I got my Zag gear yesterday...much better looking than those rags you put on my neices and nephews!

Love Ya!

Your Bro

matthew archbold said...

Go Zags! Sorry Mau.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sweet 16 while it lasts. HEY!! THE ZAGS MAY BE ABLE TO STAY WITHIN 20 POINTS!!


Party of Eight said...

What a great picture!!!

Tonya said...

I love that they're arguing on your blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

What cookies what cookies did your brother eat?


Anonymous said...

Oh by the way

GO ZAGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...