Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekly Pat on the Back

Faith and Family Live is encouraging moms to give themselves a weekly pat on the back. What are your Small Successes for the week? Join the fun and post them at Faith and Family Live.

1) As homeschoolers my children are frequently asked if they get to do school in their pajamas. That is completely verboten in this house. They are required to get dressed before school every morning, no exceptions. I, on the other hand, very often teach school in my pjs. This week I decided I would make a positive change by showering and getting dressed before school just as I expect my children to do. It was a grand success :-)

2) It's bathroom/spare room week if you fly with The FlyLady. Wingnut and I have a sparkling clean bathroom. Hooray!

3) I've had about 8 very large bags full of clothing sitting in my bedroom for months now, waiting to be donated to charity. I finally hauled them to the van and dropped them off at a local charity. It's about time.
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Kate Wicker said...

Great successes!


Kimberly said...

I've really got to get back to my "flying" lessons! Perhaps that's why things are a bit chaotic around here!

Thanks for sharing...

Tonya said...

I enjoy reading your small successes each week. Reminds me that we all accomplish lots every week, even if we don't notice it! :-)

Anonymous said...

It's about time you took a shower before 4:00 PM. I love how you recognize the do as I say not as I do example you were setting...I'm still working on that one with the gang of 3. The Purple still needs to go!

Your Bro!