Friday, March 27, 2009

Natural Beauty

For their fifth photography assignment the co-op students were to photograph landscapes. I had hoped we'd be deeper into spring when I assigned this particular task, but I was just a tad off. Regardless, they tackled the job and turned in some beautiful, nearly-spring landscape photos. Here are the tips they learned in class before heading outdoors:

The assignment for this week is to take a landscape photo. Here are the strategies we discussed in class:

Use a tripod if you have one
Think about your foreground
Have a focal point
Use the golden hours (sunrise and sunset)
Use the weather--remember bright sunlight may not be best--dark, foreboding weather might make more interesting shadows etc.
Use the rule of thirds--2/3 sky 1/3 land or 2/3 land 1/3 sky depending on your focal point
Use leading lines
Try framing your landscape(beneath branches or bridges or awnings or arches)
Make sure your horizon is level
People may be in a landscape, but they should not be the focal point
If you are photographing a tree or tall landmark your camera should be held in the portrait position. If you are photographing a broad panoramic view, your camera should be held in the landscape position.
Remember to take LOTS of photos over several occasions.

Send me your best shot and you may use photo software to punch up your photos if you desire.

Oleander got up bright and early to get a sunrise shot from our back deck. She used our photo editing software to give the blue in the sky that extra little punch.

JP waited until the last minute to get his photo taken, but he and I headed out on our rainy Thursday afternoon and got this shot at the pond. He also used the photo editing software to give it kind of a gray/green sepia tone.
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Anonymous said...

Great Pics by the kids!!! Maybe they can take my picture sometime...because I need a lot of help looking good for the camera!
I like the picture Stat Nut took of that barren tree because that is how his heart is going to feel tonight after the Zags take down your Heels!!!!

Sorry I couldn't resist!

Your Bro

Anonymous said...

I am gonna rub it in soooo bad when we come over this summer.