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Near the end of August I wrote this piece for Catholic Sistas responding to the crisis and scandal in the church.  One of the measures I encouraged readers to undertake was to write their bishops and encourage them to take bold, decisive action at the USCCB meeting in November. Following my own counsel I wrote the following letter to my own bishop.

Bishop Oscar A. Solis Diocese of Salt Lake  27 C Street Salt Lake City  UT 84103

Your Excellency;
I want to thank you for your devoted service to our community as our bishop.  In these trying times it is comforting to know we have a good and faithful shepherd.
The recent breaking scandals in the Church have become a source of uncertainty and distress for myself and my family. We feel these tribulations call for deep prayer and decisive action from the entire Body of Christ. 
Upon your first visit to our home parish of Saint James the Just, you warmly greeted our young son who served on the altar.  He recalls you asking if he would consider ever bec…

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