Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Land of Tyranny

Excuse me? How in the world did this happen? This is straight out of the Communist Manifesto! When did we decide it was permissible for our government to take over private corporations? Why aren't we up in arms over this? Do we realize how truly serious this is?  Obama reassures us that he has no intention of running GM.  Oh really?  For some reason I don't believe him. This is completely NUTS!

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Anonymous said...

Now Mau...now you are speaking as if you are part of the Militia! Please stop or I will report you to the KGB...I mean "the authorities". There is nothing wrong with government taking over businesses because they really do know what's best...just ask them. Love ya

Your Bro

Katie said...

Yes, I thought that too!! Scary!

maxbrucewell said...

This pretty scary stuff Obama is moving in several different directions,but in the same vane, very swiftly.
Love Dad

sissy said...

Hey sis tell us how you REALLY feel!=0)