Thursday, October 31, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Oct. 31

round button chicken


Wingnut installed this pretty new kitchen faucet for me.  The photo does not do  justice to it's gorgeous high arching design.  We looked at all sorts of faucets to replace our old one with and most came with soap pumps, sprayers, pull down faucets, etc.  In my experience, simplicity is really the best.


Our parish held its first annual trunk or treat yesterday.  My younger kiddos are extremely happy they get to wear their costumes on multiple days.  This is special K as the green ninja.

I would like to thank George Lucas for ruining Halloween for me once again.  In his 7 short years, Wingnut Jr. has been a Star Wars character 4 times.  I've banned Star Wars for next Halloween.


These two beautiful girls cannot be serious for a second.


Sr. Hope sent a photo of our Oleander studying hard at school.  She has quite the heavy load this year and the sisters are enjoying seeing her actually have to work at her studies.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} October 24

round button chicken


The weather has been gorgeous and we took advantage of the pleasant temps to go on a field trip to our local nature center.  Don't you just love the visitor's center? What a view!

We saw deer on several occasions and were surprised at how close they actually let us get to them.


The kids loved running about and exploring.  They climbed into two tree houses, 

and in and out of a bear's den, 

and a mouse's hole.

They enjoyed shuffling through fallen leaves, 

and blowing billows of weedy fluff.


I tried to get a group photo of my four, but Lil' Lamb would take off before the shot was taken calling out, "Let me see!"

Not {Real}

We were convinced this was a real heron.  So convinced the kids even saw it blink it's eyes and turn it's head.  When we returned to this spot 2 hours later, the bird was still standing in the exact same spot.  It was then that we all realized it was just a very real looking metal sculpture.  Ornithologists, we are not!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Wingnut Jr. has finally lost his first tooth.  Special K pulled it for him.  I do not do loose teeth.  Isn't just the cutest?

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Run for the Little Flowers 2013

On Saturday, my three middle kiddos and I participated in the Run for the Little Flowers Virtual 5K.  Special K and Skoshi A walked the 3.1 miles, and Wingnut Jr. and I ran.  I'm so proud of my little guy.  He's been training for this run all summer and can now run a 5K without batting an eyelash.  He's quickly working his way up to the 5 mile mark; a goal I'm sure he will reach before the permafrost sets in here in Utah.

Our dear friend Katie has organized the virtual 5K and had over 200 participants.  The Little Flowers Project is such a great cause.  I hope the numbers for Run for the Little Flowers continue to increase over the years.

Our two girls before heading out.

Wingnut Jr.

Wingnut Jr. took a shot of me before we hit the road.

Trying to take a selfie with my running buddy while we were running.  I love his face!

Check out Katie's blog for links to other folks who participated this year. 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tall Tales

A couple weeks ago, Wingnut was attacked by a pit bull while out running.  The dog took a good chunk out of his leg.  Animal Control was called and the Sheriff came to the house to photograph his leg and take a statement.  Thankfully the dog was up to date on his rabies vaccination.  Unfortunately, the neighborhood had called Animal Control on more than one occasion regarding this dog and this latest incident meant the animal would be put down.

Lil' Lamb has been absolutely fascinated by his dad's injury, asking about it every morning and insisting on taking a look at it.  As Wingnut pulls his pant leg up, Lil' Lamb always exclaims, "Whoa!"

Today, after inspecting the healing wound, Lil' Lamb began telling us quite the tall tale.  According to our little guy, he had a fight with the dog that bit his dad.  He used a big stick and now the dog is dead. He has told that same story three times today.  It's funny and a bit disturbing.  I'm beginning to think we will be hearing elaborate, heroic stories from this little boy for quite some time. Print Friendly and PDF

Friday, October 11, 2013

Is He Spoiled or What?

Quite honestly, I believe Wingnut and I have lost our edge as parents.  I can't imagine our older children getting away with this.  The above photo shows just a sample of the things Lil' Lamb demanded to eat this morning.  In just two short hours he has insisted we feed him steel cut oats, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, an apple, and toast, along with two different cups of water.  As you can see, he has hardly touched any of it.  This goes on all day long and we cave in the hopes that he will actually eat something.  No wonder he is such a little squirt.  A tiny, loud, demanding, tyrannical, little squirt.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Instagram Clothing Malfunctions

round button chicken

{Pretty Happy}

Special K is a little fashionista.  She, like her sisters, is also very modest in the way she dresses.  I recently had the girls go through their fall wardrobes and sort out what did and did not fit.  She brought a huge pile of long sleeved tops that really should still fit.  Her problem was they exposed her stomach if she lifted her arms over her head.  Yeah, I don't like my belly hanging out either.  I hated to have to replace so many shirts that were obviously the right size.  The solution, we bought long torso tanks and camisoles in several different colors to pair with the mid-drift baring tops.  She is thrilled.


Lil' Lamb is a tiny little twerp.  He will be three in February, but I'm still buying 18 month sized clothing for him and even those are too big.  I don't know what we'll do come November potty training, when he'll no longer have the added padding of a diaper to hold his pants up.  It looks like I'll be taking in all his pants at the waist.  I wish they made adjustable waist pants in this little guy's size.  Sigh.


Every single one of my Eddie Bauer cotton t-shirts have holes right at the waist.  I have no idea why they develop these holes.  It is very annoying.  I really don't want to have to replace all my tops every year.  I'd appreciate recommendations for retailers with fashionable, modest, cotton tops of higher quality.  Obviously, Eddie Bauer does not fit the bill.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Costco has Come Through

Not long after my last post was written, I found out Costco was indeed extending the same offer to military families as Sam's Club--access to their club warehouses without paying for a yearly membership. This is a very generous offer by both corporations and we are indeed very grateful.  I would advise you to call your local Costco and make sure they are apprised of this temporary change.  It takes awhile for this kind of information to trickle down, apparently.

In my eagerness to show my appreciation, I grabbed my regular shopping list and headed to the Costco in Ogden.  It has been more than 13 years since I last stepped inside a warehouse store. Boy, was I ever unprepared!  It was more than overwhelming.  I spent over an hour attempting to shop for a week's worth of groceries with increasing tightness in my chest.  There is absolutely no concept of shopping for  a week in a bulk grocery store.  You have to think ahead a month or more.  As I shopped I continued to stress about how much my final bill might be and had to constantly reassure myself that it may be expensive now, but I won't need to purchase meat or cheese or eggs or butter for at least a month.  The prices were really quite good, when broken down by price per pound, and I was thrilled to find not only organic, natural foods, but several different sheep's and goats' cheeses.  Many of the items were indeed priced better than the commissary, and we may end up purchasing a yearly membership when the government shutdown mess is resolved.

Personally, I would not recommend purchasing produce from Costco, as it was more expensive per pound and was prepackaged in units that were more than could actually be used before spoilage, unless one were willing to can or freeze, but still not cost effective.

I purchased, what I believe, may be my very last box of diapers for Lil' Lamb.  210 diapers should get us through potty training in November.  I also picked up a very nice pair of ski pants for Wingnut Jr. at a really great price.  It was a win-win, even with all the stress involved. Print Friendly and PDF

Friday, October 4, 2013

So Now We're Entitled??

I generally stay out of the fray on Facebook.  I just don't think folks hearts and minds are reached by short blurbs on the internet.  That being said, I did get into it a bit yesterday when I was told I was entitled and a certain Costco shopper did not wish to share her shopping space with someone like me.  What?

With the government shut down the commissaries have closed their doors.  To some this is not a big deal, but to our enlisted folk, junior officers, and retired veterans, who very often are on very fixed incomes, this is a huge deal.  On average those with commissary privileges can save anywhere from 25 to 30% on groceries.  It is one of our benefits.  We receive benefits such as commissary privileges as part of our package deal with the military in exchange for generally lower wages than civilian counterparts, as well as the many, many sacrifices military families might make over a career.  I could list any number of sacrifices our own family has made, but I think we all realize what the ultimate sacrifice a military service member can make.

As a gesture of goodwill and gratitude, Sam's Clubs, across the US, have waived the membership fee for military, dependents, and retirees possessing a government issued id card.  I think this is absolutely wonderful.  This gesture will help our countless families affected by the commissary closures.  The only issue is, not every town has a Sam's Club but might have a Costco instead.  As yet, Costco hasn't followed suit, and that is fine.  They are under no obligation to do so.  However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking Costco if they might make the same gesture of goodwill, which is exactly what I did.  On Costco's Facebook page I asked if they would offer military folks temporary free access in their club stores and indicated that I might be more inclined to shop there if they did.   This is what I was attacked for and labeled as "entitled".  Ridiculous.

Would you be willing to lobby Costco on the behalf of those affected by commissary closures?  I am convinced it would not only be an act of good will on Costco's part, but good business in the long run that could generate paid memberships down the road.  If you wouldn't mind visiting their Facebook page or even just shoot them an email from their website at and ask if they'd be willing to waive membership fees for active duty, guard, reserve, dependents, and retirees during the government shut down, I would greatly appreciate it.  This really would be a great benefit for families struggling through the shut down right now.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trying to Roll with the Punches

It has been a bit of a weird day.  The power went out at about 10:30 this morning, and I have no idea why as the weather seemed calm enough.  No biggie, we needed to run into town for the much anticipated orthodontic appointment for Special K.  I have no clue why she is so hot to get braces, but she is.  Thankfully, we have a very honest orthodontist and he flat out told her she is not quite ready for braces.  She will need them eventually, but it really would be better for her to wait until all her baby teeth have fallen out and her adult teeth have come in, even if she has a crazy toothy smile until then.  It may be a year or two.

While waiting for her orthodontic evaluation I was chatting with the assistant.  I mentioned we had a busy day planned, including ortho visit, lunch, and shopping at the commissary.  She asked if the commissary would be open during the government shutdown.  That thought had never occurred to me. After a quick check of the commissary website it was confirmed.  The commissaries are closed in the states during the shutdown.  Thanks a lot, powers that be.  Still, we have it so much better than many folks.  This is just a small temporary annoyance.  There are a lot of Americans who cannot work or collect pay checks during the shut down.  Their budgets will feel the effects of this forced "vacation" for months.  I managed to do a quick shopping excursion at Walmart.  I'll shop for a few days at a time until there is a resolution in congress.  I'm praying they make this worthwhile.  It would be a huge waste and disappointment if the Republicans caved.

Two weeks ago, our oven fan went kaput.  It was a week before we could get anyone out to look at it, and that is all he did.  He looked at it, determined it was indeed kaput, and then put in an order for a new fan motor.  The fan motor was due to come in on October 8 and the earliest repair appointment after the 8th was the 15th.  That would make it nearly a month without an oven.  Argh!  This oven isn't all that old either.  It was produced in 2009, for goodness sake.  The part came in today.  Almost a week early, so I called the appliance repair dispatch center to see if we could get the appointment moved up.  Nope.  The 15th was still the earliest they can get anyone out here.

I wasn't annoyed about the power.  I'm certainly not annoyed Special K needs to wait for braces.  I wasn't too annoyed about losing the commissary for now, but the oven thing has me boiling.  I'm trying hard to roll with it and be thankful that I have a gas stove that still works and we really aren't suffering much from not having an oven. I know life could be much worse.  Sometimes it's really hard to offer up all the little annoyances.  Anyone else have that difficulty?

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