Monday, March 9, 2009

Am I Missing Something?

When I was twelve, all I was concerned about were cute clothes and when was I ever going to be allowed to wear make-up. My girls, much to my wonder, are working on a well stocked arsenal. The only gift OJ desired for her birthday was a pocket knife. Her older brother and sister both have knives and she figured it was her turn to get one. She received a sweet Swiss Army knife and she was absolutely thrilled. Wingnut also gave OJ a tricked out paintball gun that will completely blow her siblings and their pathetic weapons off the course. He is now her favorite parent.

Karate Kid is all about her sparring gear for Taekwondo. She's begun asking for a sparring sword and throwing knives. Should I worry?

Stat Boy is my clothes horse. Thankfully he is not into cute. He goes for sports jerseys and t-shirts that mock Duke.

I think my kids are weird. They must be homeschooled. Print Friendly and PDF


Rob said...

HAHAHA - you used 'OJ' and 'Knife' in the same sentance.

It should make you feel good that the girls are like will come in handy when the boys come a calling.

I hate Duke

Walter said...

Kitty Kat is going to be asking for a 50 cal sniper rifle for her 12th and Ben will want a build your own Nuclear Bomb! Have fun with that! I hate Duke too...GO ZAGS!!!

Tonya said...

Ummm, mine must be homeschooled too. Abigail wanted a pocket knife for her birthday this year (and a dog). She got TWO pocket knives - a Swiss army one and a Buck knife (thanks to Grandparents and an aunt). She also got a dog. I just wonder if I'm doing something to make her dislike the idea of being a girl! :-)

Sissy said...

Hey Tay can make up for your girls on the clothes and makeup!