Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Darkness Falls

I've blogged extensively about Baby Wingnut and his continued love affair with nursing. We are in the process of weaning him and I think I've finally gotten him down to nursing only at night. The little guy is so intelligent. He's constantly looking out the window and saying, "Its dark now. I get to nursie!" When I correct him and clarify that it is not yet completely dark, he'll spend the next several hours telling me, "Look, it's black dark!"

Really, you have to applaud my perseverance. How can I possibly resist this face?

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Sissy said...

Wow he is so funny! Super cute also! Good luck with the black dark time!
Love ya, sis

Anonymous said...

Mau, I think you are being a little too harsh there. Does it have to be DARK black out??? How about chocoalte brown or light black??? I have to side with baby wingy on this one! The man needs to Nursie and your disection of colors is getting in the way!!! What if his receptive synapsis see the chocolate brown sky as dark black??? Can you imagine the pain and confusion that the lad could feel? Baby wingy needs to learn a new creed..."Give me Nursie or give me...a cup of chocolate milk!!!"

You are so harsh about Nursie...you must be a member of the militia! I'm telling Dad!

Your Bro!

Chris said...

A face only a mother could love.