Sunday, March 29, 2009

Create in Me a Clean Heart, oh God

One of the most beautiful things about having children, is how close to holiness they really are. I love when our little ones begin revealing what they know and have learned about Jesus in their short little lives. On the way to Stations last Friday, Baby Wingnut was recounting for us how Jesus fell while carrying his cross.

"Jesus fell down," he told me.
"Yes, he did. How many times did he fall?"
"Three seconds," he answered.
"Well, not three seconds, but three times," I corrected.
"No. Three seconds, mom!"

Baby Wingnut has been such a trooper during Stations this year. He stands so sweetly between Wingnut and I, holding his booklet, following along; genuflecting, standing and kneeling at all the right moments. We've gone every week since the beginning of Lent and he's never made it entirely through the whole service. He's usually snoozing by the 6th Station, yet he's picked up that Christ fell three times.

He was extremely distressed this last week during Stations. The week after Laerte Sunday, our parish covers all statues and crucifixes with purple cloth for the remainder of Lent and through Holy Week. We came into the Chapel and he immediately turned to me and said, "I can't see Jesus." He looked around some more and continued, "I can't see Mary. I can't see Joseph, either." It's truly amazing what children can pick up and understand at such a young age.
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