Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Highly Recommended Webinar

Last evening Wingnut and I participated in the first of 14 webinars focusing on Loyalty to Liberty organized by Dr. Alan Keyes. The topic last night was Preserving the Constitution. Dr. Keyes opening comments (more like a 40 minute lecture on the origins of the Constitution, the foundation of Democracy in the United States as laid out by our Founding Fathers, the failures of working Democracy as implemented, and the distinction between right and justice) were incredibly informative. Dr. Keyes has such a brilliant and fast working mind, and although I would never consider myself a scholar, I did come away with more knowledge than I ever had about the true meaning of democracy and liberty. After his opening statement, Dr. Keyes held a question and answer session via chat. I was floored by his ability to answer questions so fully and thoughtfully. It was as if he had already completely pondered every possible question beforehand. No need for a teleprompter or even notes, here.

While there were a few technical glitches during this first seminar, the hope it that full participation via usage of headsets/microphones, etc. will eventually occur allowing for verbal exchange between Dr. Keyes and seminar participants. Dr. Keyes is also offering "tuition" assistance to homeschool families desiring to join in. Next week's webinar will continue the discussion on preserving the Constitution with a view to give willing Americans strategies for returning to the principles of self-government our nation once relied upon for its greatness.

The information needed to join the Loyal to Liberty Webinars may be found along the left side bar of Dr. Keyes blog. Hope to see some of you there next week!
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