Thursday, March 26, 2009

Every Little Bit Counts

Even small successes matter. Join other successful mom's and post your successes for the week at Faith and Family Live.

This week my small successes are:

1) Its bedroom week if you fly with the FlyLady. This is one of my favorite zones as I try to keep my bedroom a peaceful and pleasant sanctuary. I truly enjoy the time cleaning, organizing, and making our space pretty. As well as tiding up a bit, I changed the sheets on our bed, replacing our winter flannels with crisp egyptian cotton. Nothing feels better than slipping under cool, clean sheets for the night.

2) I tackled the clutter in my closet and put all of our shoes on the shoe racks. I only reorganized my side because I just cannot figure out what to do with Wingnut's side. When I consider trying to clean it for him it feels like one of those impossible challenges that will never end. I'll just pat myself on the back for getting one side finished.

3) I was able to shoo the children outdoors most every day this week and I spent some of that time out there with them, either playing with Baby Wingnut or clearing out some of the garden overgrowth. Spring is definitely in the air and we all benefited from getting a good dose of fresh outdoor air this week.
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ViolinMama said...

Reading this was a lift for my day! Thank you! What a great list of accomplishments!!

God Bless you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another small success you will be able to report this weekend...ZAGS OVER THE TARHEELS BY 12!!!
Keep up the great work Mau!
Love Ya!
Your Bro

Anonymous said...

Lame prediction. Heels over Zags by 8!!


Anonymous said...

Stat Nut!!! You're said the other day that NC would win by more than 20!!! I think you have been living in the DC area too long...flip-flopper!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I changed my mind! (though maybe i have lived her to long) SOMEONE NAMED UNCLE WALTER IS GONNA BE EATEN HIS WORDS TOMMOROW NIGHT!