Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

Our teenage son LOVES March Madness. He has been chomping at the bit all day, waiting for the selection show. He's practically giddy with excitement. We have our brackets all printed out and Stat Boy is helping his younger siblings fill them out as I write.

I've got Kansas, Missouri, Villanova and the 'Heels as my Final 4. Who do you like this year?

**Update** Not a single one of us has a team other than UNC winning the tourney. Brainwashing? Possibly. Wishful thinking? Most definitely. Go 'Heels!

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Anonymous said...

Well you had better prepare stat boy with the painful reality that the 'Heels will not make it past the Sweet 16 where the Zags will show them the "Truth"!

Anonymous said...

Yah right. Who have the Zags beat this season? tennesee? thats about it. yall dont have enough explosive scorer to beat anyone good. UNC has beaten duke, michigan st. (by 35!) clemson, and flordia st and duke HAHAHAHAHA

stat boy

Anonymous said...

Your smugness is your downfall stat wing nut!!!! I will mail you a pack of tissues to help you through the painful reality the Bulldogs will bring to your life! (Meniacal laughter here) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Uncle Walt

maxbrucewell said...

How interesting, Gonzaga and North Carolina in the same bracket.
Go Zags!

The Grand Max Paw

Anonymous said...

Kind of stinks for your Zags huh?


Walter said...

Is that all you got Stat Nut???


Sissy said...


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for all of you. NO ONE WILL STOP TYLER HANSBROUGH!