Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top Reasons Why 2 Rocks

Two year olds very often get a bad rap, you know with the whole "terrible twos" thing.  I happen to disagree that two is all that challenging.  So in honor of having a two year old that we absolutely adore, here are four of my top reasons why 2 rocks!

#1 Bribing a two year old is cheap. Ours will toe the line for a donut or an Oreo. Try bribing a 13 year old for so little!

#2 They will parrot anything: "These dames are driving me nuts!"(he has four sisters) or "Thanks, doll!"(once again, four sisters and he needs to butter them up) or "I am the champion, you the loser!" or "You smell like a country farm!"

#3 They give gifts directly from the heart: Our two year old has been known to give gifts of jewelry.  It may be his sister's plastic Disney princess necklace, but I love the fact that he already knows women love shiny, sparkly objects.

#4 They know how to talk to a woman: "Mama, you so nice, you so pretty. I want to nursie!" or "Mama, I love you so, so much.  You so beautiful.  I want to nursie!" or "Please, thank you, and sorry.  I want to nursie."

Anyone with a two year old, has had a two year old, or knows a two year old; feel free to add your reasons why two year olds rule!
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Rob said...

I agree that 2yo are no where near has bad as people make them out to be. My favorite age is 3 (for my kids, not me - i mean just cause i act that old at times).

"I want to nursie" - better keep an eye on that one ;)

Tonya said...

You remember Seth at 2? "Your hair looks GORGEOUS." Josiah doesn't sweet talk quite that well, but he does give great hugs and still wants to be cuddled on my lap.

Actually, I think 2 year olds rule because I'm afraid to make them scream. :-)

Walter said...

I'm sorry but you are wrong Mau...I can be easily bribed with a donut or an there is nothing special about #1!

Mau said...

Brother, the operative phrase was "try bribing a 13 year old for so little" You have been 2 your whole life, and quite frankly, your sister and I are quite tired of picking up the slack for you, slacker!

Katie said...

A couple of things:

There is just something about 2 year olds that is so cute. I think it is one of the cutest ages.

Also, there is no false humility with a two year old. If you tell our 2 year old he is cute, he will say. "I know!"

Also, they eat their veggies . . . the boys were playing outside the other week and picking up clumps of moss. K picked one up bit it and said, "Mom, I eat broccoli."