Friday, March 20, 2009

Art in Motion

This week the children took action photos. This was quite a challenge for the kids, but I was really impressed with their creativity and ability to get their moving shots into focus. These were the instructions they were given:

Capture motion in a photograph (this can be someone jumping, running, playing a sport, it can be a car driving down the street; a dog chasing a cat etc.)

Here are the tips we learned in class:

1) Get familiar with your camera's settings. To capture a motion photograph your ISO should be set to low and your shutter speed should be set to high. You may have to adjust these settings several times to get a good photo without too much blur.

2) Our digital cameras are not top notch enough to take good indoor action photos. Taking your photo outside will likely give you better results. Remember more natural light = faster shutter speed.

3) Set your camera to continuous shoot if you can. Turn off the preview and review features on your camera as they will slow down your continuous shots. Try turning off your flash, as flash will also slow down continuous shots.

4) Try panning your camera on your moving subject

5) You will need to take lots of photos to get one good shot

6) Catch your subject either coming into the first 1/3 of the frame or exiting the last 1/3 of the frame. This is a great way to convey motion.

This Stat Boy's selection, I think it is probably his best photo to date.  He actually took his time and thought out what it was he wanted to capture.  Since all things lead to basketball in our home this week, it is apropos that he chose this particular subject to photograph.
Oleander coaxed her little sister into posing for her this week.  I love the expression on Skoshi A's face and the contortion of her hands as she tries to keep the hoop going. Print Friendly and PDF


Anonymous said...

Hey Mau,

Again...the purple has to go...or at least soften's like looking at Barney's belly up close. At least that's the thought that goes through my head. Great pics by Little O and Stat Nut! I will have to get Angelina the Ballerina to give me lessons in hula-hooping. Tell Stat Nut that taking more pics of a basketball will only enhance the pain of the Zag beatdown in the sweet 16!!!

Love Ya...Happy Fish Fry Friday!!!

Your Bro

Mau said...

Ok, brother,

Is this better on your old eyes?

Love, Sis

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Your Bro

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SWEET 16!!! YAH!!