Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who is this Child?

You'd think my children would have been thrilled to have the week off from school, but the moment they heard we were going to tackle our deteriorating house, I had a mutiny on my hands, involving two of my more unreasonable children.  Even when I explained that if we had done school work this week, they would still have been expected to do these extra chores, these two continued the grumbling and complaining.  The manner by which grumblers and complainers are dealt with around here is (drum roll, please). . . more chores.

So you might imagine my surprise, upon returning from my walk, to find Special K (one of my mutineers) running about the house with the vacuum, all smiles and belting out a song.  She had devised a game she called "Maid" and asked everyone to call her "Maid".  Karate Kid described to her what being a maid entailed and added that a maid's tasks were done with a smile.   "Maid" vacuumed all the nooks, crannies, cracks and crevices, under couches, tables and chairs.  It's rather nice having a maid.
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Juli said...

Does she do other people's house, too? :)

Mau said...


This is just a fluke :-) You really would not want this one cleaning your house, unless you enjoy stomping, whining, and groveling, then by all means, I'll send her over!

Tonya said...

That is awesome! It doesn't surprise me that she will do the cleaning as long as she is also playing a role. Rebekah was like that for a while. Now you just have to keep a bunch of "playing pretend" ideas in your head when you want her to do something for real!

sissy said...

she is so funny! pretty cute to boot!

matthew archbold said...

I've got four girls. Not a maid among them. The boy is even worse. When I announce cleaning time you'd think I had proposed a torture session.