Monday, November 10, 2008

In a Pinch

Have you ever planned a meal and began making it, only to find you are missing one integral ingredient?  That was me tonight, and I did not have time nor the inclination to run to the supermarket. Wingnut is out of town and I was making one of the kids favorites: Chicken Fingers with Two Dipping Sauces.  I had the chicken happily marinating in buttermilk and honey, when low and behold I could not locate the bread crumbs I needed for creating the crispy coating.  Our pantry didn't hold crackers, old bread, corn flakes, or anything I would resort to conventionally. We did have an unopened bag of  chow mein noodles.  I pulled out my trusty food processor and pulverized three cups worth of noodles; coated and then broiled our chicken. Dinner turned out pretty tasty and crunchy to boot.  So, in a pinch for bread crumbs. . . break out the La Choy! Print Friendly and PDF


Shelly said...

another good thing that i recently tried are those durkee fried onions! YUM!

Shelly said...

i also meant to comment on your quote in the right corner... how fitting now, huh?

Mau said...

I love that quote. In these dark days we need to cling to faith and hope!