Friday, November 28, 2008

Stick a Fork in Him. He's Done.

We had a wonderful and relaxing day, yesterday.  We began with Mass and gave Thanks in an official way.  Once home again all I had to do was throw the turkey in the oven and wait patiently for it to reach a perfect roast.  We had done all the prep for our feast on Wednesday so we could just hang out as a family, play games, and enjoy each others' company while awaiting our meal. Once the turkey was ready, we quickly finished up our side dishes and set the table.  Everything turned out terrific.  For me, the standout dish was OJ's gingered orange cranberry sauce.
Delicious! Our single guy made three pumpkin pies, which  were perfect, and Karate Kid made a fantastic pecan pie.

By 7 pm, Baby Wingnut had had it.  He crawled up into my lap, nursed (I know, when is that kid going to wean?) and within seconds he was down for the count.  Nothing is cuter, sweeter, or more satisfying than a sleeping toddler.
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Journey of Truth said...

Love that sofa! He's getting so big!!!!!