Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Primer in Purgatory

Stat Boy had a lesson in purgatory this week.  One of the rules of the house is no computer/game time until 1) school work is finished 2) chores are completed to my satisfaction and 3) instruments are practiced.  One morning this week I called for Stat Boy, who emerged from the game room seconds after hearing the call.  I questioned him about what he had been doing, to which he guiltily smirked and then replied that he had been playing his game.  I reminded him that none of the requirements for playing his game had yet been met for the day and he was therefore grounded for the day (a very light punishment, if you ask me). Stat Boy protested, saying he had at least been honest.  Dear Stat Boy, there are still consequences when you choose to do wrong. When we sin, even if we are honest about it, confess it and are sorry for it, we must still do the time. That is purgatory in a nutshell, isn't it! Print Friendly and PDF


sissy said...

Ewww you are so MEAN! :0)

Michelle said...

Purgatory: a time out (1 minute for every sin?)

For sports lovers: time in the penalty box.