Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

Here are just a few photos from All Hallow's Eve. This may take more than one post. Hope Everyone has a Blessed All Saint's Day!

With 6 kids, I've always found it fun to choose a theme for our costumes.  My favorite until this year, was the year we dressed as characters from Peter Pan.  This year, the kids wanted to be Olympic heroes from the Beijing Games.  These were by far the easiest and least expensive costumes to put together.

Stat Boy went as multiple gold medalist, Michael Phelps.  This one was my favorite this year.
Big Ben went as a baseball player.
OJ went as Olympic silver medalist pole vaulter, Jennifer Stuczynski.
Skoshi A went as gymnastic star Nastia Liukin.
The Tornado went as Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.  Thankfully we had several leotards left over from when Karate Kid was a competitive gymnast.
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