Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Upon Further Reflection. . .

I am so thankful for my children.  They had so much invested in this election and they are sorely disappointed.  Because of this I am not allowing myself to brood or become cynical over my disappointment.  They need us to help them understand the world goes on despite disappointments.  They need Wingnut and I to teach them hope does not rest on a single politician; Hope can be placed only in Christ.

Our children witnessed their parents take this election very seriously.  We were very open with them about our thoughts and feelings in this election.  When we were upset with the choice of McCain as a final candidate, our children knew about it and understood why.  When we decided to cast our votes not for McCain, but against Obama, our children knew about it and understood why.  Our hope is that our children come away with the idea that it is important to stand up for what is right and good, even if right and good are unpopular and assured of defeat. Our hope is that our children understand and believe in the dignity of the human person and have a deep seated belief in the sanctity of life.  Our children had an education in this, on both ends of the spectrum, as Wingnut and I voted in Washington State, where every pro-life candidate was defeated and Prop 1000, allowing for physician assisted suicide passed.

Yes, we are disappointed, disheartened, defeated and deflated, but our Hope is in Christ and with Him we have nothing to fear and as our Holy Father wrote, "One who has hope, lives differently."
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Rob said...

We just have to keep doing our part to out-breed the liberals....someday we will be millions strong and they will be close to extinct

Mau said...