Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It was bound to happen, my weight loss has stalled.  I was anticipating this, especially since getting involved with the Nutcracker craziness.  I'm down to working out only two days a week. Before beginning rehearsals for the Nutcracker, I was depending on being able to workout on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays as well as my Monday and Wednesday workouts.  The rest of our week is usually too crazy to allow me any time to walk in the afternoons or evenings, as was my habit.  I could get up earlier and go in the morning, but I hate being cold and it has been frightfully cold in the morning.  So, what this all amounts to is a bunch of excuses for not working out, but you know, I'm o.k. with that.  I feel fine with where I am right now and I know I'll pick it up again, once the Nutcracker is over.  I'm remaining pretty vigilante about what I eat and as long as I don't begin slipping backward, I'm not going to worry too much about stalling.  C'est la vie! Print Friendly and PDF

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Tonya said...

I commented to you on my blog. I so wish I could come over this afternoon, have a cup of coffee, and chat with you for a couple of hours! Miss you all!