Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Join the Advent Adventure

Originally I had written this to be auto-posted closer to the beginning of Advent, but due to the following art work I'm finding around the house .  .  . 

(This is Special K's letter to Santa.  Never mind we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, let alone Advent! The writing and spelling were done by our 4th grader.  Trust me, I know she needs work on her spelling!)
(I'm guessing this is Special K's Advent Calendar.  Special K did her own writing and spelling on this one. At least this one resembles Advent to a certain extent)

.   .   . I decided folks may possibly need as much help as my Christmas crazed 6 year old gearing up for Advent.  

Join the Advent Adventure at Holy Heroes! It's fun and FREE! Special K loves the Glory Stories available from Holy Heroes.  We have several cds and coloring books from their series.  This Advent, the Holy Heroes website is planning an Advent Adventure. Visit the site and sign up for daily Advent emails, full of creative, fun, and inspiring ideas for celebrating this upcoming holy season.
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Juli said...

My fourth grader needs some work on her spelling, too. I think my 2nd grader is better than her. Maybe some kids are just born to be good spellers and some aren't.

Mau said...

I actually know that from experience! My 1st and 3rd are natural spellers. Our 2nd still needs to work at it and our 4th--the 4th grader is our "creative" speller. I purchased Spelling Power three years ago and she has improved greatly, but I think it will always be a struggle for her.

Anonymous said...

Advent Adventure just began on Nov 29 with the first email--it was great! My kids are gonna love this!