Friday, November 14, 2008

I Can't Have the World Thinking I'm a Bad Mom!

Stat Boy has officially become a challenging teen.  I cannot get him to wear a coat to save my life.  It had to have been in the mid 30s Tuesday evening and I forced him to bring a coat with him in the car on the way to CCD.  The entire drive he grumbled and complained about how he wasn't cold and how he couldn't bear wearing a coat.  While I tried to tune out the rumblings from the backseat I began to consider how grown up he has become and how I might need to ease up a bit.  I decided to give in and allowed him to leave the car without the coat.  As he approached the entrance of the RE building Monsignor stopped him and had a brief exchange with him.  I hoped it wasn't about the coat.

Upon picking up the children from CCD, I asked Stat Boy what Monsignor had spoken to him about. 

My son laughed and said, "No coat tonight, huh?" 

"Please tell me you told him I wanted you to wear a coat! He's going to think I'm a bad mother for not making you wear a coat!"

"Of course not."

Of course he didn't tell him.  How could I expect him to do something so ridiculous as defend his slacker mother! 
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Michelle said...

At least most adults will recognize that a teen not wearing a coat is the fault of the teen. My 5 and 7 year old girls keep insisting that it's warm, even when it's not even 50 degrees. Making me look bad...

A friend and I are organizing an Immaculate Conception party on Dec 8th. Not sure how far Ft. Belvoir is for you, but it will be a Mass and potluck lunch thing with whatever Catholic homeschoolers we can drum up. If you are interested, email me.

Party of Eight said...

whats up with that? R is the same way! i can get him to wear it in the car, but as soon as we pull up to our destination, off it goes! i guess now, uncool= coat, cool=catching a cold?

Tonya said...

Abigail started the "no coat" thing when we lived in Boston and she was about 3. So, I decided to not make her wear a coat. I figured it was self-correcting. I always brought one, so that she could have it when she was ready. Guess I don't care too much what other people think. :-) I agree with Michelle - ALL of us know that a teenager not wearing a coat is HIS doing, not his mother's!

If this is how he is going to rebel, let him go coatless! It could be much worse!!!

sissy said...

Isaac won't wear a coat either. I figure if he gets cold enough he will put one on. Always choose your battles!