Monday, November 3, 2008

Pinching Pennies?

Baby Wingnut's godmother has been trying to get me to try out her homemade baby wipe recipe. I finally broke down and made up a batch on Saturday.  It honestly took me less than 10 minutes to whip them up and they turned out quite nice.  These wipes cost a fraction of the price of major brands and will save us about $10 a month (almost 4 gallons of gas).  As an added bonus, I have more control over the ingredients that come in contact with Baby Wingnut's tush. After I've used them a couple weeks, I'll let you know if they "do the job."  In the meantime, here is the recipe:

Take a roll of Bounty paper towels (They MUST be Bounty) and lay is longways on the counter. With a super sharp knife (I used a serrated bread knife) , cut completely through the roll until you have two halves that look like toilet paper rolls.

Fill a large bowl with 6 cups water, 8 tablespoons distilled white vinegar, 8 tablespoons baby oil, 8 drops of lavender essential oil (or whatever essential oil you prefer) and 4 tablespoons of baby soap.  Mix well.  This makes enough solution for both halves of paper towels.

Add one of the rolls to the mixture, turning to allow all sides to absorb the liquid.  Remove and then add the second roll and repeat the process, adding more water if needed to completely saturate the roll.

Remove the center cardboard tube and pull out the end of the paper towel from inside the roll. Always pull out the towels fro the center and they will tear off like tissues from a tissue box.

Store in either a plastic container or in plastic ziplock bags.
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Rob said...

Sam used to make these. Now she's spend-thrift and buys them...likes to waste my hard-earned money I guess ;)

Michelle said...

You can also just make half the solution and put it and one half the roll in a ziplock bag and let it sit for a half hour for total absorption. Keep the other half on the shelf until you need it.

I, too, used to make these, but stopped. It's like cake from scratch or from a box...sometimes you just gotta take shortcuts.

Now I use both cloth and disposable diapers, and I use both cloth and disposable wipes. Cloth wipes will really save you money!