Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eternal Optimism

I love the innocence of children.  They are so full of hope and optimism and become completely incredulous when their expectations of goodness are not met.  By far the most frequent opener to their conversations in meeting their friends this week has been, "I can't believe Obama won!" While we adults hoped and prayed, I don't believe very many of us were surprised by the outcome of this election.  Our children, on the other hand, are stunned that their candidate, the "good guy", did not win.  Yet, there were no tears, no sadness, no cynicism, no loss of hope.  For them, life continues on very much the same as it did before Tuesday.  They are absolutely convinced we'll get them next time.   Print Friendly and PDF


Juli said...

My husband says that it will be nice for them to be in total control and they can't blame the Republicans for all the problems this time around.
On children's optimism, I printed out electoral college maps for my children to color on election night and my two-year old colored the whole thing red! :)

Katie said...

The day after the election, Joshua asked me when McCain could be president, since he wasn't elected this time. He was hoping he could become the president next week (since Obama was elected this week). Joshua is still young and has the same belief that good always wins. I love that about him!

Betty Beguiles said...

That's beautiful. I definitely need to cultivate a more optimistic attitude. :)