Friday, November 7, 2008

Liturgical Year Creativity

My friend Sam is a regular font of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity when it comes to celebrating the liturgical year.  On a recent visit to her home she was busily making a table covering in celebration of All Saints Day, an idea she had found on another blog.  Of course, she had extra saint cards to give to her friend after I admired the idea and so we now have the same display in our home for the month of November.  My children love to read saint stories, now they can do it at the dinner table!

To make your own, all you need are several saint cards. Sam and I used the oversized cards you may get in the mail for free as a teaser from a company trying to get you to collect the whole series (the name of the company escapes me).  After laying out your cards, cover the table with a clear plastic tablecloth purchased from a dollar store or fabric store. Sam added a beautiful fall themed centerpiece to her table, giving it more dimension. Voila!
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Sam said...

I like the table cover back drop!!! Thanks be to God for the example of the saints!!!Thanks for the plug!!! Thy will be done!!! +JMJ+

Betty Beguiles said...

I love this idea! I'll have to remember it for next year! I'm looking forward to reading more about your Advent plans! :)