Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Sunday of Advent

Mass readings for November 30, 2008.

I received some wonderful advice in Confession this weekend which I thought was very appropriate for this time of year.  Let me preface the advice just as it was relayed to me by my confessor.  People who met Pope John Paul II would often comment that as he made eye contact with them they could actually sense he was saying a prayer for them at that very moment. Doesn't this just exemplify the counsel to "pray always"?  Father advised me to put this holy example into practice; to uplift in prayer the people I come into contact with everyday.  It is difficult to be impatient and irritated with someone you have just said a little prayer for.
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Journey of Truth said...

JoMary said you were blogging . . . here you are! Love it!
Have a Blessed Advent.

In Christ through Mary,
Sarah (JoMary's neighbour) :)