Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three is Shaping Up to be Just as Terrific as Two

It is finished. Lil' Wingnut is completely potty trained AND weaned! Potty training was an absolute cinch. It helps that he is a pretty smart little cookie and loves any kind of praise, what-so-ever. Weaning turned out to be a cinch, too. I just sat the little guy down and let him know that he is now three and too big to nurse any more. He did try to charm me. He did try to cajole me. He did try to guilt me. But I stood firm. He really is remarkably reasonable for a three year old.

We have concluded that Lil' Wingnut is indeed allergic to dairy, not just lactose intolerant. So far it has not been that difficult to remedy. Thanks to the wisdom of those that have tread before me (Tonya), I am substituting rice milk in all our baked goods, pancakes, waffles and whatnot. Rice milk is a terrific substitute and actually makes cakes and brownies more moist than if I had used cow's milk. The little guy isn't too keen on drinking it straight, but I can't really blame him. It does taste a bit strange.

Ice cream is an easy fix, as well. He likes the So Delicious soy ice cream as long as we make it "special" by adding sprinkles. I've tried it and it isn't too bad. Sorbet is also an excellent option, especially chocolate.

Cheese seems to be the real problem. He really likes his cheese and this has been a real sacrifice for him. Lil' Wingnut loves pizza and lasagna and mac-n- cheese. I've been peeling the cheese off of his pizza, but I'm still at a loss as to what to do about all the wonderful fall and winter dishes I make that feature cheese. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Dawn said...

Be careful with too much soy. It contains phytoestrogens in large numbers. Check it out online. I've also read that coconut milk based ice cream is delicious without the effects of soy.

Maurisa said...

Soy is not our first choice and is very rarely used here so I'm not concerned about that too much. I'll have to see if I can find the coconut milk ice cream. It sounds delicious!

Tonya said...

Almond milk is pretty good too. I just made "ice cream" for my lactose intolerant niece - frozen bananas, strawberries and Very Vanilla Soy milk. We put it in the blender and now it's in a container in the freezer, ready to eat! :-) It is really good!

So glad the weaning and potty training went well. He is a big boy now. How you feeling, Mom? :-)

Oh, be careful about just peeling the cheese off the pizza - the cheese fat has melted into the rest. If he's allergic, he's still getting some. You can buy frozen pizzas w/ soy cheese or rice cheese. I think I would just go to the health food store and try a bunch of different ones. What about goat cheese??

Tonya said...

Oh oh oh! And make granitas! He likes those too!

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

First of all...CONGRATS Little Wingy for keeping your bottom clean and underpants dry! You are becoming a big boy! Good job Mau for not falling for those big brown eyes...I can see the difficulty of trying to hold your postion while looking into those dark beauties! When it comes to his allergy of cheese...go with Velveeta. It's not cheese it is a conglomeration of chemicals and other...ummmm....stuff. You can slap velveeta on anything and whatever you are eating turns from an edible joy to tasting like burnt plastic. If he gets tired of Velveeta go to the uber tasty Cheese Whiz. Now that is a dietary dream. Talk about chemicals...and the great thing is you know it has zero dairy in it! Of course it has a whole lot things in it that we really don't know what they are. With all of your culinary skill you can whip up something very tasty and cheese laden, slap some of the Whiz on there and watch while LW turns his nose up at it. See problem solved! Or, when it doubt do what mom did...make salmon loaf 3 days a week and make him eat's dairy free.

Love ya Mau

Your Bro