Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Something tells me our little guy will not be accused of being overly pious anytime soon. Here he is midway through evening prayers with the family, sound asleep. His sweet little hands are folded in prayer-I'll give him that. Hopefully his guardian angel finished praying the rosary for him. Print Friendly and PDF

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Your Bro said...

Hey Mau,

First of all Little Wingy is sooooo pious he prays the rosary in his sleep. The scriptures do say "Pray without ceasing..." and he prays so much that his praying does not end when he slips from being concious. Secondly he is blending his prayers with his dreams. So he is praying with Jesus, Spongebob and Patrick all while riding on a toy train and eating all the ice cream he can because in his dreams dairy does not mess with his digestive system. Finally, Little Wingy is getting a head start on his sleep before Stat Nut hits slumberland. We all know from his time sleeping at our house how loud SN snores so LW wanted to make sure he was fully out before shnoz bugle corps starts kicking into high gear for the night. So not only is my nephew uber pious he is resourceful as well!!! Pretty Angelic in my books!

Love Ya Mau

Your Bro