Monday, July 6, 2009

"Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're My Only Hope!"

We had a wonderful 4th of July, filled with family, food, fun and fireworks. Here in Spokane it was always our family tradition to head to Riverfront Park to watch the fireworks. This year we took the gang of eleven plus one to the campus on Gonzaga University hoping to game the system and avoid the traffic crunch the inevitably happens when the holiday festivities come to a close. We arrived two hours early to save a prime spot and the kids took off running for the empty fields for some football and a game of tag. As the evening grew darker we broke out the glow sticks and the children found various ways of entertaining themselves, from making jewlery, to handcuffing themselves together, to using them as light sabers. Lil' Wingnut, of course, made his into a light saber and soon found himself under attack by a couple of little boys who had had the same idea. We were all cracking up at the male bravado on display. Lil' Wingnut held his own, vanquishing both "enemies" on his own. Where does he get this stuff?

Special K with her glow stick hair piece. Quite lovely.

Inseparable Cousins

Lil' Obi-Wan

We had no idea who these little guys were, but they were so funny playing Star Wars with our Lil' Wingnut. It made for some great pre-firework entertainment.

Lil' Wingnut was taking it a bit too seriously. I think he really thought he was vanquishing enemies.
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maxbrucewell said...

great pictures,
good to see you up early
have a great day
see at the White House



Sarah said...

Maybe you have a little actor on your hands. He's so cute - he can smite all his enemies with a wink and a smile. Have you taught him to wink yet??

Glad you're all having fun!!!