Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Marriage Advice

I'll tell you the most important lesson I've learned in 18 years of marriage: Take a deep breath and make a heartfelt apology. It really works wonders on anger and irritation and diffuses tension like nobody's business. Believe me, you cannot make an argument that works so well as an apology. This does not make you a doormat. It makes you a peacemaker.

"Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9

Funny, this advice works for siblings that have had a "knock-down-drag-out", as well as for married folks.
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Sarah said...

I could not agree more.

Walter said...

Hey Mau,

I have some free marriage advice...eat more chocolate. Think about it. Who stays angry when they eat good chocolate? No one. You might be angry when you take that first lucious bite but then once the goodness starts hitting the taste buds then the nerves and receptors begin to jump for joy all that is bad begins to fade away. That will save marriages because it will not only bring a great deal of joy but if you get enough chocolate in the right pie-hole then you also get immediate silence. Being a peacemaker is good...chocolate is better!

Love Ya Mau

Your Bro

Marriage Counseling said...

My husband would rather be with his guy friends than me. We got married young and have 2 children in our 4 years of marriage. My husband works very hard and long days. He comes home, doesn't really talk, has a few beers and when its time to go to bed. I am missing something deeper. He is leaving this weekend for a trip with his guy friends and he won't even take a family vacation. I also tried online and free marriage counseling but he is not even listening to me in order to save marriage relationship. I am so young sometimes I feel like I am wasting my life here. My friends are all single, going out and sometimes I envy them. I also have a terrible way of putting myself down so I constantly think he is dreaming of being with someone else when he is with me. I would like to tell him all this but he will just get mad. I better keep praying, because I need help.