Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunshine and Joy

Check out the marvelous gift my Grandmother presented me with while I was home on vacation. She hand pieced it herself more than 70 years ago. She was the houseguest of a homesteader in those days and the woman was piecing her quilts together during the long summer evenings on the homestead (makes one think of the Little House series). She asked my Grandmother if she'd like to learn quilting and my Grandmother told her she thought she might make a square pillow. Low and behold, the evenings were very long and she did not stop at just a square.

This quilt once adorned my Dad's childhood bed and I grew up seeing and admiring it in the spare bedroom of my Grandmother's house. I was so thrilled to receive it, not only as an example of historic pioneer quilting, but also as it was made by her hands and means the world to me.

The colors are perfect for our bedroom. It is the only yellow piece in the room, but I absolutely adore yellow. I couldn't believe that the blues in the quilt complemented so perfectly the blues and whites of our decor. Yellow is a significant color for Scandinavians, as well--representing the long awaited sun after the long winter nights. This is an absolute treasure and brings me so much joy. I love seeing on my bed!
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maxbrucewell said...

Thanks, what a great and thoughtful post!



Sarah said...

I like the back story, too! It's beautiful. I have a twin size cover that was on my dad's bed when he was a youngster. It's chanelle (sp?) and a peachy cream colour. I will try and take a pic of it and post it after we get settled in. :) I pray for your anxiety. Maybe having this lovely quilt will help you be more restful/cheerful when you wake in the night. HUGS.

Natalie said...

Just beautiful. My grandmothers also quilted so when the oppurtunity arrose for me to learn, I jumped at the chance and now I love having a hobby that can be considered tradition.

Tonya said...

Beautiful!!! And I love that you got some bright color in your bedroom. What a special gift.