Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Big Four-O, Brother!

Today is my baby brother's 40th birthday. We were able to celebrate with him before heading home last Sunday. I surprised him with homemade Chipotle Buffalo Wings with all the trimmings, and our little sister made his very favorite Texas Chocolate Cake. Of course we could not let the milestone pass without teasing him just a tad. . .

He has always been full of hot air, among other things!

The kids got a real kick out the "old folks" gear they wrapped up as gifts for him.

Happy Birthday, ya old geezer!

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday to your little bro! Little brothers are very special aren't they! You want to protect them keep em on the stragiht line and then they go and drive you crazy! At least mind does :)
You gotta love 'em though. THey are so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Walt! YOUR OLD ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Walter!


Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Birthday!!! You are such an awesome, fun uncle!


maxbrucewell said...

Forty aint old if your a tree!
Happy birthday to Walter from,

Dad with love!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Bro said...

Let me just say that my birthday was the best this year. Thanks to my sisters, neices, nephews, lois, my wife and kids....oh and my dear old dad. Getting old is cool!

Love ya Mau

Your Bro!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!!

Seeing this makes me miss my lil' bro!!