Monday, July 13, 2009

The Coolest Train Set Ever!

Grandma L. has a brother with the coolest train set I've ever seen. He has set it up in his back yard and is still adding on to it over time. He built the scaffolding, bridges, and all the buildings by hand, placed each stone, and planted each tree. The set up is quite remarkable, and Lil' Wingnut was very impressed.

Lil' Wingnut was especially fascinated with the "train wreck" at the base of one of the bridges. He insisted on showing each of us the wreck and then would recite his version of what might have happened to that poor little engine.
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Party of Eight said...

Cool! And big sister is being so attentive to the tale that he is weaving :) I love how his downy hair is blowing in the breeze, just like my little B.

maxbrucewell said...

Hi all,
Great pictures glad you enjoyed the garden railroad. Saw my cousin Mickey at the roost yesterday. He did not make it to the Thursday service. It is a long drive from Crosby North Dakota. He and Carolyn are doing good. They have their first grand son coming in a day or two so they are high tailing it back home today.

Your Bro said...

What really happened to that poor train??? There are varied stories but I have the scoop. It was the CIA in black hellicopters trying to keep a terrorist from poisoning our water supply so they ran the train off of the tressel which landed on the suspected terrorist. Come to find out it was just a hobo brushing his teeth in the creek...oops!

I loved that train and loved watching Little Wingy more as he watched that train make its way around the track...GOOD TIMES!!!

Love Ya Mau,

Your Bro

Sarah said...

So he has the cute stories to back up his royal cuteness! I can just hear him telling big sis what's happened.