Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank Heaven for Great Grandmothers!

My grandmother, whom we affectionately call GG, has always been my hero. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. She is kind, generous, loyal, creative, mischievous, and her smile lights up a room. From her I learned the value of family and keeping alive our family traditions. When we were children she spoiled us rotten, just as all good grandmothers should. We didn't have eat our veggies, we could eat as much sugar as we could stomach, we could stay up as late as we liked, she always took us somewhere special, and she always had the cupboard stocked with Honeycombs for breakfast.

My siblings and I have been blessed to be able to introduce our grandmother to our children. The children just absolutely love her and have this innate sense that she is someone very special. Her house may be small, but even filled with eleven kids it doesn't feel crowded. She has an expansive yard with an absolutely gorgeous garden that the children love to explore, and her empty lot was perfect for a game of "family wiffle ball" on the 4th of July.

Some of my greatest and happiest childhood memories are entangled with the love and acceptance I received from my grandmother. On our trip home it was my hope that some of those happy times and memories might be experienced our children. I think we succeeded.
GG with her namesake, Oleander.

Special K has a special spot in her heart for GG.

GG with the eleven great grandchildren.
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Your Bro said...

Hey Mau,

We love Grandma!!! Going to her house still guarantees a full compliment of candies, cookies, pop from her closet (amazing how it stayed cool in that closet even in the summer) and of course gum on demand. The funny part is now I sound like dad and tell my kids they can only have a limited ammount of the bounty she brings out. If we liked it she had it. I remember after I broke my collar bone and I was still in that harnass she bought me a skateboard for my 10th birthday. Nothing can compare to the smell of her house and the hide-a-bed we pulled out and slept on during occasional holidays. LOVE THEM MEMORIES!!!!

Love and miss you Mau

Your Bro

PS. Howdy to all my faithful readers...Shorty, Stat Nut, Little O, Angelina the Ballerina, Kitty Kat and of course Little Wingy! Love ya gang!

maxbrucewell said...

Brings tears to my eyes, God has blessed GG, but He said he would take care of widows, He was true to his word. You all are the product of her kindness.
It was very interesting listening to Mickey, Nancy, Wayne & GG talk about the old days on the home stead in North Dakota.


The Grand Max Paw