Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Move Over Steffi Graff

Our town has a thing for pool and tennis club memberships and folks around here take their clubs very seriously and are ferociously loyal to their particular club. Membership dues are paid and depending on which club your family belongs to, the summer is filled with free or low cost swimming and/or tennis lessons, swim team, tennis team, and various socials. We enjoy our club, but are not what I would call pool rats, hanging out at the pool all the live long day. Still, it is nice knowing the pool is there anytime we need a dip.

For the last three years our children have really enjoyed the tennis lessons offered by our club. Our older two are currently taking the intermediate lessons and the next three are in the beginner class. I usually stay and watch the younger three, as Special K is still a little young-un and not what I would call super predictable when it comes to "classroom" behavior.

This year the club hired one of it's very own long time members as the tennis coach. He's a young kid, just nineteen and just recently completed his first year of college. I remember him taking lessons as a pre-teen and his mom told me he's been taking tennis and swimming at our club since he was three. I have to tell you, the club could not have chosen anyone better suited to teach these kids. This young man is running an awesome program and my kids are having a blast. I'm especially impressed by the way he "handles" the little kids. He is incredibly sweet and gentle, as well as positive and encouraging with the littlest tennis students. Special K thinks he is the absolute bomb! Her tennis game is even improving by leaps and bounds and I have witnessed, on several occasions, her hit the ball over the net and onto the opposite court for a point. Bravo!

Coach M. showing Special K how to hold her racket properly.

She smacked that one over the net.

This one is looking pretty promising too.
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Walter said...

Hey Mau,

I am waiting for you to break out that SNL skit with Peyton Manning. I remember the statement at the end of the skit where Peyton is this horrible role model, "Spend time with your kids so Peyton Manning doesn't have to." (I thought of imbedding the link to the video but it's not exactly kid friendly and may offend most protestants catholics and even a few Druids). So hopefully this "nice young man" doesn't go all John McEnroe on you and start teaching Kitty Kat new and exciting ways to utilize her "expressive personality" to intimidate her oppenents. I would. Think of it. She steps out on the court against a six year old, glares over the net (on her tippy toes of course) and yells to her opponent, "I eat raw meat for dinner and I hate to lose". She may never become a ballerina on the court or poetry in motion but she will psych out her oppenents and win the match before it even starts! THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!

Love ya Mau

Your Bro!

maxbrucewell said...

Good to start them young, look at Tiger Woods golfing on TV at 3 years old.
Tennis is a great sport you can play when you get quite old, kind of like golf.
In the mean time if they get really good, move over Steffie Graff!

Love Dad