Friday, July 10, 2009

Diners, Drive-ins, and Domini's

Every trip to Spokane includes a visit to the local sandwich joint for the most unbelievable deli sandwiches. The bread is baked fresh each day at a local bakery and delivered in time for the lunch rush. The meat is sliced once ordered and piled high along with choice of cheese, mustard, horseradish, and/or mayonnaise. Domini's Sandwiches has been a Inland Empire staple since the 1950s and I have yet to find a place that can compare. Wingnut introduced me to his favorite sandwich shop when we were dating, 22 years ago, and now our kids are Domini-philes and cannot wait for the next trip back.

Popcorn is popped fresh and the bowl is bottomless. Very kid friendly.

Look at how thickly the bread is sliced. The crust is chewy and the interior is very tender.

The kids were cracking up over their inability to wrap their mouths around their lunch.

Stat Boy didn't happen to have the same problem. He is his Father's son :-o
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Dawn said...

Hey, Stat Boy's bread looks thinner! No fair! It is so much fun to take the kids to new places.

Rob said...

Bring me back a Roast Beef with Swiss - Thnx