Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Cheers for Mom!

Have you been on top of things this week? Or have you just gotten the very smallest things done? Either way, you deserve a pat on the back! Hop on over to Faith & Family Live and leave your link on their Small Successes post.

1) Wingnut and I took the whole family hiking and fossil hunting this last weekend. Saturday we spent the morning exploring along the Patuxent River while hiking the Savage Mill trail, where the kids caught tadpoles, skipped rocks, and got some much needed fresh air and exercise. On Sunday we headed further south along the Chesapeake Bay and spent some time combing the beach of Flag Pond Park for sharks teeth, shells, and other fossils.

2) I made a much needed appointment to see the doctor about the increasingly sleepless nights I've been having. I'll be bringing my journal and my NFP charts. I'm hoping and praying the doc will hear me out and not go for the quick fix. I've also begun taking a good multi-vitamin, reduced my caffeine intake, and gave up my evening glass of red wine in hopes that it may help.

3) Its bedroom week if you fly with the FlyLady. The main area of our room stays fairly neat and tidy, as I look at it as my sanctuary from chaos, so I've been focusing on clearing out the clutter and reorganizing our walk-in closet. I think Wingnut will be pleasantly surprised when he returns from his trip later tonight and finds he can actually find things in the closet :-)
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Tonya said...

Love both the hike and the park! Sounds like fun. I do hope the dr can help you figure out what is going on!!!

Rob said...

cutting back on coffee and red wine!!! Say it isn't so?

Well I guess if it helps you out its ok.....:)

ViolinMama said...

I love #3 and agree about the closets...I need to do that too!! Thanks for the kick ;)

M. T. said...

What a beautiful family you have! Congrats on your successes, esp #3 -- there's nothing like organizing to spell success. ;)