Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tonight, We Have a Re-e-ally Big Shew

So today is the big Home School Talent Show. I've been working on the program all week. We have 42 performances that run a gamut of talent from pianists, to skits, to Irish step dancing, to magic tricks, to singing, to karate demonstrations. My kids have been planning their acts for over 6 months and they cannot wait to get on the stage. Hopefully I'll have photos and maybe a little video to share later today or early next week. I've got to skedaddle. Our older two have karate belt testing this morning and I need to print programs and make cookies for the show. Print Friendly and PDF


Dawn said...

Good luck and have fun tonight!

Sophie said...

Over six months?! O.o I feel like a total slacker now.

maxbrucewell said...

Love to see some photos and video have fun enjoy the program after all the hard work!
The Grand Max Paw