Friday, May 15, 2009

Chocolate-Cherry Love

The entire family is invested in the success of the elimination diet we've ventured on behalf of Special K. Karate Kid even dug out the ice cream maker and created this absolutely delicious version of chocolate cherry ice cream, from scratch and with all natural ingredients. This scrumptious flavor served in a heart shaped bowl absolutely spells L.O.V.E!

As a quick update: It has been a great week. This is very unusual territory for us. When I asked her to stop a behavior, she would assent with a "Yes, ma'am." Normally something like that would result in whining or even a complete melt down. It truly is amazing. I had not expected results so swiftly. Her siblings have even noticed the change and have complimented her on it. Whooo-hoo Special K. We are so proud of you!

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Dawn said...

Okay, what kind of ice cream maker? Post the recipe. This is my husbands favorite flavor. Watching your success, I might have to look into this Feingold diet thing. Continued prayers!

Sarah said...

I'm so pleased for you all that there's success in this. I would substitute cheeries (blech!) for strawberries or raspberries. But, I love ice cream so yeah, what machine and recipe? Begging . .. .my word verification is sinfl (yikes!)

Natalie said...

Please post the recipe! I'm out in the heat of Albuquerque, NM and about to start my 3rd trimester so I need something yummy to help cool off. =)

Walter said...

Way to go Kitty Kat and to the rest of siblings willing to understand the reality of addition through subtraction. Go with with idea that they are being benevolent when it comes to their offering of sacrifice but the truth be known they do it for their own personal sanity and survival! (I see it with Sawyer and Abby daily). I can't tell you the number of times I've seen Sawyer suck it up and take the verbal assault that only Jaylee can bring while making his way to the bus stop (looking like a man beat up from 25 years of living with the worst nagging wife on the the way how's Chris doing??? hehehe couldn't help myself). It's great to see Shorty and the gang being proactive about finding creative solutions for their sister. Those actions aren't surprising because they are truly reflective of the hearts of my neices and nephews...please let them know that! That Ice Cream looks Heavenly! I will start stocking up on Cheetos and other fine foods to make your visit more enjoyable while you are here! With mom being gone I can't allow things to get too dull!

Love ya Mau

Your Bro