Friday, May 8, 2009

Toddler Temptations

We have had rain, more rain, and still more rain the last several days. For our rambunctious toddler, this has been torture. He is an outdoor boy and most mornings his first words to me are, "It's a beautiful day outside?"

The sun peeked from the clouds for a couple of hours yesterday so I had everyone drop what they were doing to head outside for some much needed fresh air and vitamin D. Baby Wingnut was ecstatic and tore out the door to explore our wet world.

The puddle around the lamp post proved too impossible to ignore. I admonished Baby Wingnut to stay out of the mud (witness exhibit A) and he obeyed, for the most part.

The puddle seemed to be calling his name and taunting him.

"Maybe I could just drop a few things in this puddle."

"Let me just crouch down here and get a closer look."

He never did end up "in" the puddle, but he entertained himself for quite awhile floating flowers in the water.

I know. I should just invest in some galoshes for the boy and let him at it. It really is too irresistible.

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Walter said...

Now I remember a certain sister of mine who decided to take her brother, her children and his children exploring one day and we ended up in a bog. We soon found ourselves waist deep in mud and somehow I found I had waded through some kind of manure that was mixed with the mud...manure is manure and once you have made contact with it where and from whom or what it originated is irrelevant. Now that sister (not a nun) was just as or even more mud ridden as any of the children (included in this group is her brother of course...don't let my physical size confuse you of my emotional reality). For her to even consider chastising Baby Wingy for his sense of adventure and becoming one with the mud is disingenuous a best and a complete hypocracy at worst. LET MY LITTLE NEPHEW GO!!! Mau and find his freedom from the cleanly bondage his mother tries to keep him in.

Walter said...


Love ya Mau and the Gang of 6 and your hubby too!!!

Your Bro!