Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thunderbirds, Golden Knights, and Flying Dare Devils

Being a military family, we love air shows, but we had not been to one in years. We finally made it to the annual air show held at Andrew's Air Force Base this last weekend. We had wonderful weather and a marvelous time. Baby Wingnut loved exploring the different air craft, especially the helicopters. We were privileged to see the Thunderbirds perform. They were amazing, but very, very loud. Baby Wingnut did not enjoy the Thunderbirds. I would highly recommend purchasing ear plugs for little ones when you attend an air show. I had forgotten how deafening jet engines can be. We, of course, did not bring ear plugs. Family friends asked what we did for Baby Wingnut when the jets flew by. Sadly, we just laughed as Baby Wingnut whimpered and buried his face in Wingnut's shoulder. You'd laugh too if your two year old was normally full of male bravado and constantly vanquishing enemies. Oh, you wouldn't? I guess we're just bad parents :-(

This is not time lapsed photography ( I wish I was that talented). This is four separate airplanes. The Thunderbirds are AWESOME!

Air shows are very kid friendly. Look at all the buttons and levers. They are absolutely irresistible to little kids, and big ones too.

The premier civilian air show performer, Sean D. Tucker performed. He was unbelievable. Karate Kid was fascinated by the stunt pilots.

The Army's Golden Knights put on a great show.

Check out the landing. Right smack dab in the middle of the "X"! Go Army!
Wait a second, we're Air Force. Sorry honey.
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Party of Eight said...

Looks awesome! Love the sunglasses :)

maxbrucewell said...

Remember the air show that we did not go to? It was May 18, 1980 and we were on our way to Fairchild AFB and on the way we saw a dark cloud in the western horizon and turned the car radio on and heard that Mt. St. Hellens had erupted. We turned the car around and went to GG's and the ash was like snow coming down. We drove home in the volcanic ash that was like snow.
Love Dad

Maurisa said...


I also remember the Air Show we did go to and someone, who shall remain nameless, got lost. We didn't have much luck at Air Shows, did we?

I can't believe Mt. Saint Helens was 29 years ago, already! I remember it like it was yesterday! Do you still have the jar of ash?

Walter said...

Ahhhh thanks for the memories!!!! I didn't get lost I was temporarily misplaced from being distracted by a tour of a C130. Its amazing how 50,000 cars in one parking lot all look alike. Thank God that lady found me in crying my eyes out in the parking lot and took me home with her. After all of that I ended up stepping on a nail at her house and having to go to the doctor for a tetsnus shot...what a wonderful memory!!! I remember the St. Helen's day show...the one we never saw. I remember the long line of cars leaving the show because they shut it down early and then going up to Gram's but stopping on High Drive to watch the beginning of the ash cloud coming over the horizon. I also remember some dude who was wearing a hard hat telling me that lava rock was going to be falling from the sky...I left a mark in my shorts over that one. Looks like the air show was a winner except for Baby Wingy's lack of enthusiasm for the noise of the jet engines...it's funny...he has no problem making noise. He and Kitty Kat look great in that huey! You are right "GO ARMY!!!"

Love ya Mau

Your Bro

Natalie said...

I feel like we get an air show everyday! We live on Kirtland AFB and the jets are always doing touch and gos over our house. We also see a lot of C-130's, but the Offspree's are really cool. Go Air Force! =)