Monday, May 11, 2009

He's a Charmer

The first time Baby Wingnut used this line, I thought it was just random, a complete fluke. He's used it twice since. I'm beginning to think he was buttering me up just to let me down.

Baby Wingnut: "Mama, you have pretty eyes."

Me: "Oh, thank you. That is so sweet."

Baby Wingnut: "I'm poopy."

Uh, yeah. Sweet.

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Walter said...

Mau...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY BY THE WAY...maybe BabyWingy is trying to tell you something about you. Maybe he has gone the direct route of saying, "Mother I have soiled my pants" and the response he got was so emotionally damaging that he has had to resort to charm. Maybe your brown eyes are a reminder of the present he had been neglecting for the past hour and while paying you the compliment he suddenly remembers the added weight in the nether regions of his pants. Or...he gets so excited about paying you a compliment and your wonderful response that his little bowels just aren't strong enough yet to hold back the joy and the wonderful aroma that comes with it. Either way...before jumping to conclusions that my wonderful nephew is even attempting to manipulate his mother please at least consider ALL of the plausable options. Please give poopie eyed man and the rest of his siblings a huge hug from their uncle!

Love ya Mau!

Your Bro